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Wonka’s Bubblicious CBD hemp flower

Wonka’s Bubblicious is a distinctive, flavorful crossbred hemp strain that is Sativa-dominant. Thanks to its easy-to-remember name and its strong impact, this 70/30 hybrid has earned quite a popularity. The hemp community has agreed that Wonka’s Bubblicious is the product of crossing Pandora’s Box and Querkle. Still, no one knows the identity of the original breeder(s) of this strain. These two strains are distinctive and noteworthy enough on their own, so it seems natural that a genuinely remarkable strain will be their offspring. Wonka’s Bubblicious is a strain that we recommend for daytime use, as when you’re trying to get some sleep. Its heady Sativa effects can be a little too much to manage in the evening hours.


History of Wonka’s Bubblicious CBD hemp flower

A Sativa dominant hybrid (70 percent Sativa and 30 percent Indica) strain produced by a cross of the insanely delicious Pandora’s Box and  Querkle strains is Wonka’s Bubblicious. As its name suggests, this bud has an extremely delectable flavor of sweet and creamy fruity bubblegum, just like our childhood gum.


Features of Wonka’s Bubblicious CBD hemp flower


Despite its Sativa-leaning height, the physical appearance of this hemp bud is that of an Indica. By no way are they oversized, but you’re certainly not going to confuse this medium, spade-shaped nugs for a shake. With broad purple accents and sugar leaves, the CBD buds are mostly olive or forest green in color. Pistils are also present in this hemp bud, but not overwhelming, leaving plenty of space for crystal trichomes to cover the bud’s surface.

Wonka’s Bubblicious includes a thick resin covering that is likely to goop up your fingers if not your grinder in the same way that it becomes difficult to get chewing gum out of your hair.


Wonka’s Bubblicious has a flavor reminiscent of Bubblicious bubble gum from your youth, a Sativa-dominant cross between Pandora’s Box and Querkle. The taste is known to modify tastes and tones subtly for two minutes, similar to Wonka’s candy (thus the name).


As soon as the buds are split up, the smell produced by these hemp buds seems to burst and fill the room. You should expect fruity berries and sweet bubblegum mixed with a bit of skunky diesel to smell like your spot.

The taste is powerful, and possibly what gave its name to the hemp flower. Users worldwide say that the taste of this strain is a tasteful, nostalgic bubblegum flavor that will take you back to your childhood immediately.



In conclusion, this flower’s Indica character offers a calm and relaxing body buzz that is sure to relieve any slight pain that might prevent you from achieving your goals or enjoying your hobbies. In a wake-and-bake situation, this pressure is always consumed, as the boost in creative energy given by the high is just what certain individuals need to get up and in the morning to.

1561 reviews for Wonka’s Bubblicious Hemp CBD Flower Indoor Hemp Bud

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