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White widow CBD hemp flower

The White Widow hemp flower strain is one of the most potent and popular hemp strains of the world’s Indica family. The strain won the Cannabis Cup in 1995, and since then, it has been one of the favorites of hemp strain used worldwide for recreational purposes. White Widow hemp strain is, without a doubt, one of the most successful commercialized hemp strain strains on the market today. Its CBD content is between 11% and 22%, with its THC level being less than 0.3%.

The White Widow is a balanced hybrid strain of hemp Indica of roughly 60% and Sativa of 40%. It is known to be highly resinous and extremely potent, which gives a touch of relaxation without the regular fatigue that comes with other Sativa strains.

However, moderation and knowledge of one’s limits are keys to using any hemp flower strain.


History of the White Widow CBD hemp flower

The White Widow hemp strain was created by Shantibaba, the former co-owner of Greenhouse Seeds in the Netherlands somewhere in the 1990s. The pedigree of this famous Sativa/Indica hybrid is made up of a South American Sativa mother and a South Indian, Keralan father. This history behind White Widow’s parentage explains why this hemp strain has such balanced energy and utility.


Features of white widow cannabis CBD hemp flower


The appearance of the White Widow is laden with frosty, bright crystals that glisten and gleam the minute any source of light hits the nuggets. However, underneath that snow-covered first blanketed layer, glimpses can be seen of fat sage-green hemp buds stacked up together in tall colas, ready to be cut apart and trimmed down for use.

Additionally, the presence of the long bright orange pistil hairs reaches straight up to the heavens, curling on the way and joining the lengthy dark green water leaves that express an ombre-like color gradient in appearance, making this scene rather delightful aesthetically.

In our opinion, there is not a more attractive or visually appealing hemp strain than White Widow CBD hemp flower.


Its aroma is vigorous skunky pungent, with a hint of hempy spice. Its presence has been described to be noticed around 300 square yards distance, so for someone who plans to consume it discreetly, there should be different preventative measures in place to keep its skunky aroma at bay.


Most batches taste fruity or spicy, like a ripe peach or juicy apple mixed in with spice like nutmeg or cinnamon.



The white widow hemp strain is one of the strongest and most potent hemps globally, which leaves you feeling energized yet relaxed, in a state of complete euphoria that will allow you to perform optimally regularly. You can expect your mind to become stimulated by these refreshing and invigorating buds to enhance creative energy.

White Widow is an ideal choice for people seeking hemp strains that will not cause them tiredness, lethargy, or lack of energy, but rather happiness and the golden middle of relaxed but hyper-aware.


1404 reviews for White Widow CBD Flower Hemp Indoor A+ Buds

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