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White Russian CBD hemp flower

White Russian hemp flower is a potent hybrid strain that leans on some famous genetics. This strain won the 1996 high times cup as the best overall strain and was consistently ranked as one of the world’s best hemp strains. And it’s not hard to see why. With consistently high CBD composition between 11% and 22%, white Russian hemp flower is sure to impact any who try it.

This strain’s high takes hold almost immediately in the form of some initial disorientation and tightening around the temples. Users report feeling quickly energized and motivated, and being able to function with more clarity than confusion. As is characteristic of the parent strain white widow, white Russian has an intensely cerebral high that can lend itself to introspection, lateral thinking for problem-solving, and creative inspiration.

A sense of euphoria and emotional well-being can accompany this mental stimulation. Despite some Indica in its genetics, this strain carries minimal physical effects — although, as with any variety of hemp strain, heavy consumption can lead to couchlock and drowsiness.

White Russian’s powerful head high makes it effective in treating anxiety and depression. It is also particularly beneficial for users with attention deficit disorders.

Anyone who struggles with motivation or energy can benefit from this strain, as it just generally gives you the pep necessary to make changes to your life and get through a tough day.


History of white Russian CBD hemp flower

It was created by Dutch breeders Serious Seeds by crossing two legendary strains, white widow and AK-47.

An indica-dominant hybrid, these building blocks give white Russian powerful and introspective head high. This strain won 1st place in the best overall category at the 1996 high time cup.


Features of white Russian CBD hemp flower


The buds of white Russian hemp flowers are relatively small. They look incredibly similar to a typical Sativa bud, presenting quite loose leaves that possess a furry, fluffy quality to them that look almost like the leaves of an entirely different plant.

They have typical leaf coloration, offering a light green shade that catches the sun rather beautifully. You can expect this strain to carry over the tradition of its parent white widow in its white trichomes, as this strain will often be liberally coated in these shiny, almost frost-like speckles of hair.


White Russian hemp flower is an extremely fragrant plant, smelling sweet fruit and skunk even in its vegetative cycle.

There is also a small hint of citrus fruits, giving some delightful floral flavors that leave the nose tingling for more.

Even more when burnt, the smell flourishes, giving a slight funkiness that is ever so slightly harsh and difficult to handle if overindulged.


The flavor is quite similar to its aroma, offering levels of both earthiness and citrus. It is aided by the other developing flavors of spice and herbaceousness that serve to stop the dank flavors of the earth from overpowering your palate.

With a smooth and spicy flavor with undertones of skunk and earth, white Russian’s high is quite cerebral but can lead to couchlock when over-indulged.



White Russian is a strain that owes its existence to an already massively famous pair of strains. Both white widows and AK-47 are renowned for their distinctive flavors and their effects, so any strain made from their genetics will have to be exceptionally interesting and powerful.

Thankfully, white Russian meets these criteria perfectly, offering a uniquely intriguing flavor profile that somehow melds together elements of funky earth with flavors of citrus-filled spice.

On top of that, the effects of this strain are a gentle distillation of both of its parent strains, offering a continuous, energetic drive that leaves you feeling like you can handle absolutely anything life throws at you.



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