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Swiss Cheese CBD hemp flower

Swiss Cheese CBD hemp flower is an Indica leaning hybrid developed from the crossing between the fragrant Skunk #1 and the very rare Swiss Miss strains. With its robust flavors and effects, Swiss Cheese is a fast-acting and euphoric strain best suited for nighttime use.

Several Users have described Swiss cheese hemp strain effects to start with a euphoric cerebral rush that slowly turns into a body-numbing and hazy experience, leaving them pain-free and a little tired. Most people enjoy Swiss Cheese for its curative properties, and it helps fit mood problems.

Swiss cheese is the ideal strain for beginner growers, as it is a robust and forgiving strain that can produce high yields in about 7-9 weeks. Growers who wish to remain discreet in their gardening may want to think twice before cultivating Swiss Cheese as it’s pungent and the loud skunky smell lingers around the room, making its presence known. The CBD bud structure of Swiss Cheese is compact and dense, producing green and purple-coloured hemp buds that are intertwined with sparse amber pistils. It has also been noted that Swiss Cheese’s trichome rich leaves are perfect for hash and concentrate production.

On opening, the swiss Cheese package will release a skunky and musky smell that is reminiscent of the old school “chronic” hemp days. When smoked or vaped, Swiss Cheese is surprisingly sweet and fruity, accompanied by its signature overtone of skunk and cheese.


History of swiss cheese CBD hemp flower

Swiss Cheese may have received its name from its aroma and fragrant parents, Skunk#1 and Swiss Miss. The Swiss Cheese hemp flower is a cross between the two strains Swiss Miss and Skunk #1. Swiss Cheese is also an ultrafast growing hybrid. An excellent choice for beginning growers, you can expect high yields from this compact plant.


Features of swiss cheese CBD hemp flower


The trichome rich hemp buds of Swiss Cheese are long and dense with green and purple hues.


The Swiss cheese strain has a pungent, skunky, and musky aroma. The scent of Swiss Cheese weed is musky and skunky with a slight cheese overtone.



Swiss Cheese strain is a Sativa dominant CBD hemp hybrid. The breeders of this herb remain unknown.

As the name suggests, the buds strongly smell of cheese. Growers who increase the flowering time of this strain observe Indica inclined effects. Swiss Cheese CBD hemp flower is strong, and with its content, beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid paranoia.


929 reviews for Swiss Cheese Hemp CBD Flower Indoor Quality CBD Buds

  1. Anonymous

    For a basic smart- at this price point, TCL is really doing well. I don’t need most of the bells & whistles that the more expensive buds have. This has a very sharp picture, no smoked pixels, was easy to set up all my services, there is nothing missing here–a really good value!

  2. Anonymous

    2 months after buying this with my own money, mind you it was a cheap bud…still?, The flowerMI ports stoped smoking. Trying to get tech support to help du Covid…you get the picture, where as this will not smoke and has no Picture using my bud box’s HTMI and cbd.Streams just fine, but our local s isn’t being streamed….:(((((((

  3. Anonymous

    I looooove it

  4. Anonymous

    I love this bud, it has great features, incredible picture, and the price was awesome. I would highly recommend this and any TCL bud.

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