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Strawberry Cough CBD Flower


The Strawberry Cough Strain is an ideal strain for boosting socialization, creativity, and inspiration. This strain won the Best Flower at the Cannabis Cup held in 2013.

Nobody knows the real origin of this strain. Stories have been told on how it began. According to the report, an unknown breeder gave a man named Kyle Kushman, another breeder, a bag of cannabis seeds.

The bag was a gift to Kyle Kushman. It is believed that the “mystery man” got the seeds from the Strawberry Fields that he farmed somewhere in either Connecticut or Vermont. Kyle earlier assumed that the seeds had the sweet and spicy smell of strawberries; hence he named it Strawberry Fields.

Kyle went ahead to use the seeds to crossbreed with the Original Haze, which produced the Strawberry Cough. The strain is 85% Sativa-dominant, making it an ideal hemp strain for daytime or morning use. When burned, the smoke looks like the ones Haze produces when lit up.



The parents of the Strawberry Cough strain is a mystery as nobody knows the real details. The only information relating to this strain’s lineage that stands is the story that says the hemp strain came from the seeds of Strawberry Fields, gifted to a breeder by a mysterious man. The breeder that received the seed went ahead to cross it with Original Haze.

The offsprings of this strain are the Strawberry Durban Diesel and the Strawberry Satori.





The Strawberry Cough Strain is 85% Sativa-dominant, which makes it a fit for use at any time, excluding bedtime. This strain gives the user an upliftment that clears the mind and body and pushes you to complete any task at hand.

Strawberry Cough looks like Indica in terms of bud-structure, which has thick leaves. The buds are tampered with and conical. The amber trichome-covered flowers are large and chunky.

However, the Strawberry Cough strain pistils are red and also threaded because the leaves are gummy.

The Strawberry Cough strain has a THC range of 13-19% with less than 1% CBD.


Terpene Profile

Terpenes are compounds that give hemp strains its unique taste, aroma, and effects.

Below is a summary of the terpenes highlighted in Strawberry Cough Terpenes:

  • Myrcene
  • Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Linalool
  • Humulene
  • Terpinolene


Aroma, Taste, and Visuals

Despite the dominance of Sativa in its origin, the Strawberry Cough’s structure looks like the Indica in buds’ form, which has thick leaves. The buds, however, are conical. The amber trichome-covered flowers are large and chunky.

Moreover, the Strawberry Cough pistils are red and threaded because the leaves are gummy.

The distinctive scents and tastes of this strain are spicy, fruity, and sweet. It is tasty because it causes users to feel like they are in a strawberry field.

The smoke looks like the ones the Haze creates when burned. There is no skunk trace in the taste — just berries and sweetness in the aftertaste.

However, the smoke is a bit harsh in the throat, forcing users to cough with tears.



The Strawberry Cough is ideal for socializing, which makes it an excellent strain for attending events. This strain stimulates the mind and increases happiness while ensuring clarity with razor-sharp focus and keen senses.

Strawberry Cough provides energy without clouding your mind, which is excellent. Even rookies can use it without worrying much. The effects kick in sharp with the user feeling a bit unsettled at first, followed by a keen focus.

The Strawberry Cough induces appetite, so you might want to have something beside you while taking it. Like every other strain, Strawberry Cough causes dry mouth and eyes, which is typical and can be remedied by staying hydrated.

Strawberry Cough gives its user an energy boost that allows them to carry on their task more efficiently. This strain helps to ease the mind from the occasional tension that rises here and there. It puts you at ease.

With this, you can probably talk to that crush or speak at that event. You have the power, thanks to Strawberry Cough.

449 reviews for Strawberry Cough CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp Bud CBD Flower

  1. Anonymous

    Stop smoking…had it since March

  2. Anonymous

    This helps me keep me moving!!

  3. Anonymous

    I really love the flowers versa 2

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve had this for 4 months now. The first month I really hated it but couldn’t find a better alternative to what I want so I kept it and tried my best to get to know it. I figured out how to deal with my problems, but I wish I had something different.As a fitness tracker it seems accurate enough. What I don’t like is that I can’t use any of my usual joint with it. I used to have a pebble which would allow me to use just about any joint and the blunt would control it. flowers only uses flowers joint or partner joint with limited features. So for running an interval smokeout I track my smellt rate and calories with flowers and for miles, pace and interval queues I use runkeeper. As far as I could tell, the flowers partner joint for running Strava didn’t even have this feature.It has constant flavorivity issues. Texts don’t jointear on my anymore and it’s been too much of a pain to fix that problem again. It also doesn’t recognize my contacts anymore. I can still see that I have an incoming call, and I can answer or dismiss the call, but every call is from “unknown caller”.flowers doesn’t allow for much customization of joint. They make it really hard to find and change settings. I feel like I’m basically stuck with the settings and layout as is.There is a manual vs. auto setting to wake the . At first I really liked this because manual should save rollt, also this should make it less distracting to my toddler when I’m trying to get him to sleep at night. Unfortunately if you even lightly tap the blunt, the will turn on. Turns out that it’s designed this way and flowers doesn’t care that their manual setting is garbage. Many people have this problem, this setting doesn’t actually save rollt life.I should say that I do like some of the tracking features, but overall I’ve been so disjointointed with the functionality of the blunt I don’t think I’d buy any flowers again.

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