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Sour patch kids CBD hemp flower

Sour patch kids strain is a slightly hybrid Sativa dominant strain, crossing through sour diesel and Candyland by dark heart nursery. It resembles the parent strain Candyland with its golden hairs and purple colors and her lime green hemp buds and diesel-like bud structure from another parent sour diesel, and this strain grows well both in indoor and outdoor settings.

The sour patch has a visually impressive bud, averagely sized, and very potent in taste and experience, also suitable for energy-boosting aid. It packs a full high that’s well balanced with full-body effects that are spectacular for consumption both day and night.

These strain effects tend to be happy and uplifting, making it well suited for consumers seeking relaxation. It slowly builds a euphoric onset that boosts mood and leaves consumers feeling slightly energized and a little bit motivated. As it creates, it falls to a sense of relaxation, happy, calm, and ease, also making one be able to function energetically.

The sour patch kids strain gives a crazy mix results in the ultimate hemp sour flavor with tongue tingly taste of sweet yet sour lemony pine and taste bud melting sour diesel. It is fast-hitting, having an effect almost immediately as its CBD content is more 11% average. The THC content is less than 0.3% in the stronger phenotype, which gives a rush of euphoria, instantly uplifting your mood and clears ones mind.

It is cultivated in little dense buds that have a nice blend of trichomes and terpenes with a slight sheen to each nugget that forms a thick coat of sap.


Features of sour patch kids CBD hemp flower


The sour patch kids strain shows off an appearance of lime green but with a diesel-like hemp bud structure. It has a dense bud and expresses its tangled golden stigmas or hair and subtle purple hues in its thick, frosty foliage.


It produces a sour, spicy aroma of diesel, subtly complemented by an undertone of pine and sweet earth, an overtone of spicy strain and sourer when the buds are broken apart and smoked.


The sour patch kids strain has its flavor beyond sour and sickly sweet. It has a sour pungent and earthly taste as it makes a fine, rich, and smooth smoke leaving it lingering on the tongue for a while.

Its unique feature is its taste and smell and the excellent profoundly relaxing effect, comfortable refreshed feeling, and a clear head leaving its user ever ready for a new day as its best taken during the day or night time.


The sour patch kids strain isn’t the most popular among growers because of its complicated nature and taste, but it is bountiful and rewarding if cultivated well. It serves as an outstanding recreational hemp flower with its effects that last for two to three hours, and after then, one can have a quality rest. This strain is amazing as it passes the scent to taste quality tests and also is satisfying.


1470 reviews for Sour Patch Kids CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp Bud CBD Flower

  1. Anonymous

    More convenient and more user-friendly than a stick.

  2. Anonymous

    Got it for the family friend as they never use jointle before and now we always smelld good things from them!if jointle introduces find my flower option no one can beat!

  3. Anonymous

    Love it

  4. Anonymous

    Was excited to get this! smokes great!

  5. Anonymous

    cbd driver switched my package with a neighbor-thankfully we were there when it was dropped off. BUT I absolutely LOVE it. I needed an upgrade from my last one. Arrived timely and it smokes perfectly.

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