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This strain was created from the cross between 2 of the most well known strains in history. Skywalker crossed with OG Kush to come up with the Skywalker CBD flower. This strain has some strong fuel like taste that give it some of the highest CBD contents of up to 19%. A perfect wind down bud to calm a restless mind or body.

Skywalker CBD flower

The skywalker CBD hemp flower is an excellent strain named after a prevalent and incredible strain, skywalker OG Kush. The unique Skywalker CBD flower has a strong refreshing effect on both the mind and the body. Its refreshing is quite perfect and helps keep its user so relaxed for a more extended period. The strain possesses a natural ability to dissolve anxieties and stress. The Skywalker CBD flower comes with great power of the force that smells great. It also comes with a potent and fruity aroma alongside a strong earth-like note, just like most CBD hemp strains possess. Again since they contain less than 0.02% THC content, they are safe with no psychoactive effect of any sort.

Physically, the Skywalker CBD flower naturally illustrates the cannabis prototype Indica. It is either dense, conical, or round with buds that are bright green and burnt orange hairs time in a thick layer of trichomes. The flowers here are, however, stickier and more pungent. This particular strain is developed or created in a 100% natural way, without any pesticides or additives of any kind.


History of Skywalker CBD flower

The history of the Skywalker CBD flower traces back to Europe. The CBD flower (from an Indica hybrid genetics) was produced due to the cross-breeding between the Skywalker and OG strains. Most people ask how possible a popular marijuana strain becomes a hemp flower and does not get its users high? Well, to answer the question, it’s quite a secret kept among its breeders.

They are organically grown, free of pesticide, and possess no psychoactive effects. However, the hemp strain is made up of a CBD content level of less than 24% and THC content of less than 0.2%.


Features of the Skywalker CBD flower


The Skywalker CBD flower is partly fruity. The buds are medium in size, and they possess round and dense olive green nugs rich in orange pistons. Delicate to the touch, the flowers of the Skywalker CBD flower are covered with a fine layer of white trichome (milky).

Aroma and taste.

The buds of the Skywalker CBD flower comes with particular diesel fuel and spicy herbal aroma alongside a flavor profile to match.

As the name implies, the skywalker hemp’s sweet and earth-like aroma can satisfy its users as it takes them off the universe.

Terpene profile.

The skyWalker hemp flowers terpene profile is comparable to that of the OG and skywalker strains(its marijuana, ancestors). Its CBD (cannabinoid) profile is quite different, the prominent cannabinoid (21.7%), and the delta-9-THC with less than 0.3%. Although the skywalker CBD hemp flower is potent in CBD, it will never get its users high as there is no significant THC level. This, however, complies with the 2018 farm bill, which regulates the industrial hemp flower.

The skywalker is very nice hemp that helps keep you relaxed and focused. The strain is THC-free and, of course, non-toxic.

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