Red-Headed Stranger CBD Flower Indoor Hemp Bud

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Red-headed Stranger CBD hemp flower

Red Headed Stranger is a potent Sativa strain that remains extremely common among smokers worldwide. It is also called Red Hair weed. For a noisy party or a music festival, this is a great herb, which makes your headlight, your body stimulated, and your senses sharpened. With CBD content levels ranging from 11% to 22% and THC level less than 0.3%, the Red Headed Stranger strain is pure Sativa. The Red-Headed Stranger labels tiny flowers that appear to stick to pebbly clusters. These hemp buds have the compact, densely-packed structure more frequently associated with Indicas, despite a mostly Sativa context. Tightly-curled, the forest leaves a rich shade of green.


History of Red-headed Stranger CBD hemp flower

Willie Nelson, the country music legend and marijuana advocate, has influenced many hemp varieties. One such audacious Sativa that pays tribute to the singer’s 1975 album of the same name is Red Headed Stranger. The buzzy, head-focused effects of this strain melt into physical back-end relaxation. Red Headed Stranger is a hybrid from the cross between the ubiquitous Sativa Haze and Willy’s Wonder, also named in Nelson’s honor, although its original breeders are unknown.


Feature of Red-headed Stranger CBD hemp flower


Red Headed Stranger, true to its appearance, is packed with curly red and orange fur (actually pistils, structures meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). Finally, the inner and outer nooks and crannies of these flowers, accounting for their sky-high psychoactivity, are concealed by a profusion of cloudy white trichomes.


At the same time, it’s spicy, fruity, and earthy. The first thing that you detect is loosely reminiscent of incense to differentiate between peppery and fruity notes. The taste, depending on several factors, is a variable thing. The smoking device you use is the crucial factor here.


Red Headed Stranger bears a predominantly citrus odor when cured correctly, redolent of fresh orange zest. A spicy, peppery character is hanging underneath, presumably passed on from the pungent Haze parent strain. In the meantime, grinding up or splitting open the flowers produces hashy, incense-like notes that are a testimony to the Afghan landrace’s genes in Willie’s Wonder’s history parent strain. Red Headed Stranger burns with heavy, acrid smoke when combusted, which can cause the smoker’s eyes to water.



The Red-Headed Stranger symptoms reach rapidly, causing a ringing pressure around the temples and forehead. A change in sensory perception soon follows this novel sensation—some external stimuli can strike the user as more complex or vivid than they would otherwise be.



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