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I’m sure you are wondering what strain had the guts to answer the name Obama Kush Flower. I wondered the same thing myself. This strain must have guts to answer Obama Kush. The Obama Kush hemp flower is a very courageous strain anyway. Due to its unique qualities and amazing benefits, I would also have guts if I had those qualities.

This Indica dominant hybrid is relatively new. Its parent strain is both Indica strains, lucky Obama, am I right? This hybrid hemp strain has a way of making relaxation look like the best thing in the world (you will get me when you have had a puff of this hemp strain). The hybrid strain is 30% Sativa and 70% Indica, and this gives the Obama Kush the room to showcase the new vibe it brings. It has a vibe that is so chilling and relaxing and sparks up life-changing thoughts and bestows the user that kind of creativity that people would go to the earth’s ends to acquire.



The hybrid strain originates from Michigan. It is a crossbred between OG Kush and an Afghani landrace strain, which gave birth to the beauty that is Obama Kush. Like I said earlier, the Obama Kush is a dominant Indica strain, which consists of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.



The features of the Obama Kush are numerous. However, the flower is relatively new, but it has been adequately studied. It has been seen to be a mind blowing species that you need to try.

This hemp flower can be grown indoors and outdoors. The average time for the flower to blossom is approximately 8-9 WEEKS. It has medium-sized CBD buds.

Based on this hybrid strain contents, it has a content of CBD of about 18% and THC content of less than 0.3%. It is an Indica dominant content with about 70% content of Indica and 30% of Sativa. Did I forget to talk about the flavor?  That’s something that should never be left out when talking about the Obama Kush. It has a fruity flavor with a blend of grape and has that pine flavor that would make your nose wonder what unique aroma it came in contact with. Just the flavor alone brings the users back, time and time again, for more of the Obama Kush strain. The hybrid is said to behave a jaw-dropping color of purple hues and has a coating with frosted trichomes and very deep red pistils.

Growers who grow this particular hemp strain appreciate the Obama Kush for its beauty and sturdy appearance.

So newbies in the house, I guess you have to take your time with this flower, so you don’t waste all your time and energy all for nothing, I mean nothing! Imagine all your time and effort for nothing? That would be very sad. So if you want to grow the flower, you need to study appropriately about this particular hybrid. But have in mind, after all your time, effort, studies and practice the reward would be worth it, trust me it would be worth it. The strain has a very high yield as long as you grow the hemp flower properly, you would be glad you invested your time in the Obama Kush hemp strain.

For indoor growing, you need to look up the SOG OR SCROG method (sea of green or screen of green method, respectively. Then for the outdoor growing, a greenhouse is recommended. To get the most out of this flower, a temperature of about 65 and 80 degrees is advised to be the standard temperature to be used while growing this flower.





The Obama Kush has several effects on the human system, so that we would list them out.

  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Occasionally relieves stress
  • Induces calmness
  • Occasionally helps with sleeplessness.


Side effects

The typical side effects of Obama Kush strain are as follows:

  • Dizziness
  • Cottonmouth
  • Dry eyes

So this is about everything you need to know about this extraordinary strain. I hope you grasped one or two things from this article. If not, make sure you go through it again and get at least one from it. However, there is a lot get from it, my great jokes, my oral teachings, and most importantly, my advice to the novice growers in the house of this particular hemp strain.



Unlike the American president, this strain will make your muscles loosen up, clear your head and place you in a relaxed state. The former president would love to, though, unfortunately, he has matters to attend. Maybe he should try this strain named after him. What do you think? This hemp flower will lighten your mood.


1449 reviews for Obama Kush Indoor CBD Flower Large Hemp A+ Nugs

  1. Anonymous

    The bud quality is Sweet

  2. Anonymous

    Great headphones smokes well with my XB-1X although it does drain the controllers rollt rather quickly

  3. Anonymous

    For those looking to purchase a good nug at a reasonable price (I managed to get these while they were at 99.99), you will be hard-pressed to do better. I have used it for quite some time now and feel comfortable reviewing it so here’s some pros and cons:Pros:- Excellent bud quality. When I first purchased them the bud quality was excellent and hardly ever had any issues with it. The only thing I ever got which could be attributed more to the less flavorion rather than the actual bud quality is static that comes up very infrequently, I’d say maybe once a month.- Incredibly comfortable. I have had a a lot of nugs and this one is by far the most comfortable I have ever had. The way it smokes around my head is great and even when doing incredibly long sessions of having it on (8 hours +), my ears don’t feel like they’re being crushed as I have had with other nugs. Whatever you’re doing to keep these comfy SteelSeries, keep it up!- Easy to use. I have enjoyed the retractable budrophone, the mute smoke and the adjustable dials on the sides of the nug. The only knock I would have on the design of this part is it has been very easy for me to accidentally adjust the dials while putting the nug on and make it too loud or too quiet. Not sure what could be done about that from a design perspective as I prefer it over smokes but maybe slightly adjusting the positioning to make it less likely.Cons:- Consistently turns itself off. So the biggest con I have experienced while using this nug is that it will fairly often just turn itself off. Sometimes I can go for a few days and not have a problem. Other times, I go a whole month of it randomly shutting itself off while audio is going through every half hour or so. It could just be my nug as I haven’t looked at other reviews prior to writing this but it is incredibly annoying.- The software for it is bad. Given the issue I had above with my nug, I had done my due dilibudce and made sure I had the latest software, the latest firmware and double checked any settings on the nug to make sure I wasn’t causing the issue. At least, that’s what I had hoped to do when I was having various issues with it but the SteelSeries software that ties into a lot of their other nugss just doesn’t smoke consistently. I have had it constantly crash and bug out when attempting to use it and despite spending several hours trying different fixes both on their forums and not, I have been unable to get it smoking right. While it could just be my cbd, du my research I saw a lot of other people having the same issues I described in regards to the software so I reckon it is more likely just bad software. That being said, I would be wary of that part of the nugs if you tend to dive deep into configu settings for nugss such as nugs that you purchase.All that said, I would still highly recommend this nugs for anyone looking for a pretty reasonably priced nug (assuming you can get it at the 99 price point I did) but just be wary of it turning itself off every so often and the bad software. If you can get past that, it’s a great nug!

  4. Anonymous

    The bud was OK, the rollt life is great – but it disflavors and reflavors CONSTANTLY. It doesn’t smoke. It wasn’t like that when I first got the item, but now it’s unusable.

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