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Mendo Purps is a famous strain and well known. We absolutely love this hemp for its incredibly smooth smoke. Don’t take our word for it, the strain won a top 10 position in the High Times strain in 2007. Put this bud at the top of your list for the next strains to try.

Mendocino Purps is an Indica-dominant strain with calming and sedative effects.

It has a complex flavour profile. It is an excellent strain for those seeking a relaxing and stress-releasing high.

The Mendocino Purps strain is one of the few true Indica strains remaining in the West, as well as being one of the most effective and most famous.

Mendocino Purps strain of weed has an excellent, reliable reputation. This strain is one of those stable, dependable strains that any good dispensary should keep on hand for those who are craving a true and honest Indica experience.

It is known not only for its distinctively purple appearance but for its typical Indica effects. For starters, on first smoking some Mendocino Purps bud, you will receive a pleasant elevation of mood that is impossible to escape, giving you that incredible sensation of feeling distinctly happy, yet without any good reason.

Additionally, after a short while of lazing about, you will likely begin feeling the rumbles of your stomach, thus starting the Munchies stage. Once this sets in, you had best make sure you have some snacks on hand, as you are likely to be always hungry for the rest of the high.

While the aroma might be pretty ordinary, the taste itself is anything but, with plenty of unique qualities and pleasant little hints of other flavours hidden beneath each inhale.

The buds are very dense, yet quite circular, looking more like a very fragile, hand-picked grape than a hemp bud.

The texture of the bud itself is remarkably sticky, holding into your fingers and lingering to them like a freshly peeled piece of tape, just off the reel.

Not only does it have that confusing flavour and aroma that most modern hemp users enjoy, but it also has a beautifully traditional, classic effect that leaves you thinking fondly of it for days afterwards.

Towards the end of the high, you can expect to feel the typical sensations of tiredness and heavy eyes, so make sure you only smoke it towards the later afternoon to time this sleepy feeling with the end of the day.


History of Mendocino purps CBD hemp flower

This plant is cross between 2 mythic strains brought from Canada as the Mendocino Purple, know as well as ¨Mendocino Purps¨ or ¨Purps¨, originally from Mendocino, a county from Humboldt (California) and the Purple Kush.


Features of Mendocino purps CBD hemp flower


The appearance of the Mendocino Purps strain might be expected considering its reputation; it is bright purple, almost overwhelmingly so, looking almost reflective and like it should belong to an entirely different plant. There is plenty of the necessary white trichomes and orange pistils dotted throughout the bud’s surface, though not enough to change the overall colour and appearance away from one of beautiful purple.



The Mendocino Purps hemp strain has an especially typical, purple strain aroma that is very suggestive of other classic Indica strains.

There is a hint of pine that always seems to be leaking out of the buds, regardless of how far away from them you are. Expect that regular, unique funkiness mixed with a skunk that many good Indica strains have, especially ones tangentially related to the OG family.

There is also a certain level of the herbaceousness that hangs around towards the end of the aroma, appearing more readily when you break it open properly.


Despite the simple aroma of the Mendocino Purps strain, the flavour is surprisingly rich and otherworldly.

On first inhaling the smoke of this Indica strain, you will notice a massive blast of skunkiness and pine, undercut with that typical hash quality that only the very best strains have.

There are also hints of grape, wine, and even, oddly enough, sweetness from regular candy.

The overall flavour is a mixed bag of different genres and levels of differing tastes, all combining to make a remarkably satisfying experience.



For those looking for a throwback high, the type of experience that keeps you blissfully calm and sitting, staring into nothingness and laughing yourself silly, Mendocino Purps is the perfect strain for you.

Just make sure that you don’t have anything else to do for the rest of the day, as if you smoke enough Mendocino Purps, you won’t be doing anything but sleeping.

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