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This indoor grown strain packs a huge punch while the total cannabinoid content is relatively moderate. This is a highly recommended strain for all new smokers. This seedless flower contains one of the lowest THC contents of just .1% of Delta 9 THC. The super dank smell of this strain stands out in the crowd. Pick up this strain on your next trip.

JillyBean CBD flower

The jillybean CBD hemp strain is a well-known Sativa prevailing hemp strain that got the name from its flavor and aroma. It often comes with pineapple and mango appeal, which is equivalent to that of a jillybean fruit. According to most reviewers, the jillybean CBD strain possesses an undernote of an orange and citrus taste and smell.

The jillybean has a THC content average of 13% (in most cases can be up to 18%). Its “highness” is understood to accelerate and energize the users as well as elevate their spirits, thereby producing a perfect smoothing body, which in turn yields creativity and stamina.

The jillybean is indeed an excellent option for people looking forward to making their hobbies more fun and enjoyable, and people who would love to eliminate social stress.

The jillybean, when devoured or taken in the wrong way, may lead to paranoia in subtle bouts and, in most cases, a severe headache immediately after the “highness” caused by the strain is down.


History of the jillybean CBD flower

The incredible jillybean CBD flower history traces back to the strain’s first breeder, Jill.

The jillybean CBD flower is a hybrid, produced from the crossing between the Space Queen strain and the Orange Velvet strain.


Features of the jillybean CBD hemp flower


The Jillybean CBD flower strain did its aspect to look at the role. The buds contain bright green nugs blended with yellow, orange, and gold, which gives the herb a lousy celestial appeal.

You will notice that the cultivar draws you even closer with a profound observation. It shows off bright orange finger-like tendrils and carpets of fussy white trichomes, roughly adding contrast, color, and drama to the middle-sized nugs’ general looks.


The jillybean strain possesses a fruity aroma, an elegant symphony of notes that stir together in an ecstatic harmony of sour and sweet.

The strain has pleasant sour notes of green mango and pineapple tango with orange and mango. However, they are all moistened or saturated in a sweet nectarine aroma that breezes from leaves with great power and might, rushing through your nostrils with a surpassing saturation.

To a more discerning nose, the jillybean CBD hemp strain will probably present a little of a diesel note during a careful and deep whiff. However, this won’t be enough to discourage a discriminating vet. However, for a newbie who manages to pick up the aroma, it might find it narrowly diluting the overall satisfaction of the sweetness found in the foreground.

Terpene profile.

The terpene plays an essential role in helping very hemp exhibit its effects. The terpenes present in the case of the jillybean CBD flower include; Caryophyllene oxide, Limonene, alpha-Pinene, Linalool, beta-Pinene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Terpinolene, and Humulene.

The jillybean CBD flower as an energetic and lively strain is an excellent choice for people searching for a booster for their vitality, which fits for an upcoming event. It (jillybean) also functions to ease shyness and help you draw out the social butterfly in you.

However, here is a little advice. The cultivar is known to stimulate a more energetic and lively mood. People prone to worry and anxiety are likely to feel uncomfortably and excessively jittery when taking in the strain.




23 reviews for Jilly Bean CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp CBD Flower

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