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Island Sweet Skunk CBD flower


The island sweet skunk hemp strain, also known as the Sweet Island Skunk, is one of the most popular strains of all time. It came into existence three (3) decades ago in Holland, where it was produced from a crossing of many strains from Thailand and Afghanistan, then South and Central America.

The island sweet Skunk is a great strain that radiates sweet citrus scents that possess skunky notes. It also produces deep green buds that are round and come in burnt yellow pistils, followed by a covering of trichomes that help lighten its tone.

Its Sativa content level is 80%, and that of Indica is 20%. However, the THC content is less than 0.03% against a CBD content that ranges from 11% to 22%. However, it is worthy to note that the Island sweet skunk took the first position in the 2013 High Times competition of the Top 10 Canadian hemp strain of all time.

It was first grown by the federation seeds and should not be confused with that raised by the Spice of life.

Federation Seeds Island Sweet Skunk

This hemp bud is a Sativa predominant crossbred from Canada. It is believed to have been first developed by the federation seeds and is a descendant of the skunk #1. The seed bank here was crossed with an unrelieved Sativa strain.

Spice of Life’s Island Sweet Skunk

This hemp nug is also a Sativa predominate strain first produced by a Canadian breeder, Steven, who is also the founder of the voice of life seed bank.

This strain is reportedly a product from the crossing between northern lights and grapefruit female and haze male.

It is quite an easy strain to grow (especially in a green setup) than most other Sativa strains.

Indoor planting is excellent, but provisions for space due to its height should be made. If not, breeders are advised to go for the greenhouse. It has a flowering period of eight to nine (8—9 weeks) and needs support during those periods. However, breeders are capable of yielding over two hundred grams (200 g) during the harvest.

Its effects come with a vibrant, upbeat “highness,” which is quickly followed by a mild body buzz. Many users have described its effects as uplifting and energetic and, in most cases, stimulates the feeling of engaging in activities by its users. Users can take it for activities like social events, creative hobbies, and so on.


The lineage of the island Sweet Skunk CBD hemp flower is still not clear, but Big Skunk #1 and sweet pink grapefruit have been found in its line.



The island sweet skunk strain from the Spice of life is made up of pale stigma hairs orange in color and light green buds all covered with long-curbed trichomes. They are short and packed with a flowering period of 84 – 98 days.

The island sweet skunk from the federation seeds are, on the other hand, are tall and, in most cases, need extra support for its height. They have sticky colas.

It is said that this particular strain does well when grown with the SOG (sea of green) method. However, a sunny, warm environment is needed to assist its size.

Taste and Aroma

I bet you will love the scent of the island sweet skunk when you come in contact with it, as it is a fierce skunky scent that has potent elements of tropical sweetness and fruit.

The taste, on the other hand, is sour and earthy with notes of sweetness.


Suppose you are searching for an energetic and uplifting strain that will stimulate you into doing some creative activities. In that case, you should consider going for the island sweet skunk strain.

It can improve your experience as it keeps your mind clear to engage with people without difficulty.

1855 reviews for Island Sweet Skunk CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp Bud CBD Flower

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