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Fruity Pebbles CBD Flower


Though the name feels like some chewy candy, the fruity pebbles is not a child’s breakfast cereal. Do not let the name fool you. This hemp bud packs a punch. On a more serious note, it’s quite surprising why this hemp bud is likened to “fruity pebbles.”

It got its name from the breakfast cereal with the same name, “Fruity Pebbles.” Though the hemp bud does not look like colorful cereal flakes, many have noted that this hemp bud scent is similar to cereal flakes. However, the hemp bud has pistils of purple and red. This hemp bud has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC and a CBD range of 10-20%.



The Fruity Pebbles were produced from crossing three different hemp buds. The combo involves Green Ribbon, Grand Daddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien to create a taste and aroma that captures the Fruity Pebbles cereal.

Grand Daddy Purple gives the taste of pepper and herbs to the entire mixture, lending gentle calming effects that improve the sense of relaxation that Fruity Pebbles brings.

Green Ribbon is mainly responsible for the succulent citrus and fruit flavor, which brings the child hemp bud to life.

The third hemp bud is Tahoe Alien. While it doesn’t do much for taste or scent, it does even out the effects.


Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene



A major kill in growing your fruity pebbles is the price of the seeds. It can be costly, as high as $1,200 per bag. It is a good investment if you go in full time taking care of fruity pebble plants.

Growing Fruity Pebbles is not hard. It is immune to common types of mildew and mold. The flowering period of fruity pebbles is 8-9 weeks, somewhat faster than other hemp buds. However, growing fruity pebbles is low in upkeep. The hemp bud is resistant to common mildews and molds.

Unlike other hemp buds, a rise in humidity can cause mold growth, causing the buds to spoil. However, take note that fruity pebbles plants can grow as high as two meters. Always trim the leaves on top to allow sunlight to reach the bottom part of the plant.


Aroma and Taste

This hemp bud’s scent is sugary with traces of forest berry smells — no wonder it got associated with the well-known cereal brand. Upon cracking the buds, the hemp bud will have a much pungent and more citrus scent.

When puffed, the Fruity Pebbles function above par as compared with other hemp buds. But the catch is that it leaves you a fruity and sweet aftertaste.



Visual wise, the energetic hemp bud is filled with bright colors. Upfront, different shades of green ranging from light sage to deep forest shades cover the nugs. But as you take a closer look, traces of pink, purple, and blue peer through to the exterior. Such a feature allows a beautiful, lively color to give the nugs bag appeal, closely looking like its namesake.

The bud boasts complex structures of delicate orange tendrils that twirl and twist through the oversized nugs aside from the rainbow-colored leaves. The added pop of color adds another dimension of tasty appeal to the hemp bud, on top of the stunning sugary frosting that coats its exterior.



Though the name sounds silly, this hemp bud delivers on its promises. The hemp bud gives a feeling of joy – it boosts the mood of the users. At times, users find simple things interesting. This hemp bud’s stimulating effect added with its fruity and juicy flavor will surely bring you to a cotton candy dreamland.

This sweet hemp bud relaxes the mood of users. It helps with the unusual stressful day. The fruity pebbles hemp bud is best for those who would want unwinding but slightly-energizing hemp buds. Users are advised to nibble on ice cubes to prevent mouth diseases.

What makes the Fruity Pebbles hemp bud quite enjoyable is its lack of bitterness. The light, airy smoke flows smoothly down the throat. It leaves a cooling impact in its wake that further boosts the entire experience.

Leaning towards the Sativa side, Fruity Pebbles gives effects that focus more on productivity and energy. The tasty cultivar works slowly, starting with a mind, heady-high that drips down through the body to remove discomfort and enhance energy levels.


Ideal as a daytime hemp bud, the Fruity Pebbles impacts are best enjoyed during daylight hours when high energy levels and productivity are most needed. Those that are having an occasional stressful day will also feel better after taking the Fruity Pebble.

Finally, even newbies can enjoy the advantages of Fruity Pebbles without having to bother about the overwhelming flavor or impacts known with most Sativa hemp buds.


476 reviews for Fruity Pebbles CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp Bud CBD Flower

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