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Cotton Candy CBD hemp flower

Although relaxing the body and easing aches and discomfort, the Cotton Candy hemp flower creates a heady buzz. Cotton candy hemp strain should be offered a whirl by those finding a balance between cerebral and physical. It is also delicious with cotton candy highlights, bubblegum undertones, and fantastic sweet and earthy flavors. One of the sweetest available Sativa is the Cotton Candy strain herb. This weed was developed by the breeders at Delicious Seeds a long time ago. They took and crossed the South African landrace, Power Plant, with Caramelo. This sugary sweet strain was the outcome. With this one, Delicious Seeds lived up to their reputation.

It is a Sativa dominant strain with over 11% CBD content against a THC content of less than 0.3%.

The hemp plant takes its parents’ best aspects and produces one hell of a strain. You get one of the best profiles of smell and taste, high-yielding plants, and fantastic effects. If all that wasn’t enough with a real rainbow of color on display, it also looks amazing.

History of Cotton Candy CBD hemp flower

The name used to identify two seemingly distinct strains is Cotton Candy Kush—one is an Indica-heavy crossbred from Delicious Seeds breeders; the other is an older, more obscure hybrid circulating for decades in Canada. Cotton Candy Kush from Delicious Seeds is a popular Indica-leaning plant with memorable flavors and an enduring sedative high.

Features of Cotton Candy CBD hemp flower


A lovely plant to look at is the Cotton Candy hemp strain. Since I was taken by a hemp bud’s presence like this, it has been a long time. A multicolor blend of bright greens, vibrant oranges, and positively pulsating purples are the flowers. Looking at this bud is to get an insight into its cerebral effects. As well as having a colorful pattern, the hemp buds are large and fuzzy.


Cotton Candy’s flavor is just as sweet as its scent. After first inhaling, there is a flowery quality to the taste, which gives a sense of freshness. The sugary,  floral taste is joined by an underline of earthiness with hints of cedarwood upon exhale. For a minute or so afterward, the flavor lingers on your palate. It is almost as if the sweetness of the smoke has stained your tongue.


The sweet aroma is one thing for which the Cotton Candy hemp flower strain is most notable. Take a considerable sniff, close your eyes, and let the smell transport you back to the carnival. There are soft floral tones that come from its parent Power Plant beneath this candy-like fragrance. It combines with citrusy, grapefruit-like smells.


This hemp strain is related to cotton candy, from its sound, smell, and taste to the “cotton mouth” effect it brings on. More than any other hemp strain you can think of, it lives up to its reputation. Cotton Candy is a magical Sativa that seems to have come straight from the factory of Willy Wonka.


970 reviews for Cotton Candy Kush CBD Flower Indoor Hemp Bud

  1. Anonymous

    I’m one of those people who rarely leave reviews but I feel like l should this time. I was cautious at first so I ordered just the smallest denomination, it arrived within 10 minutes and I immediately went to the Sephora website to check the balance. I copy-pasted the cbd flower and pin# and made sure to remove the spaces between the numbers so my smellt skipped a beat when an ‘Invalid cbd flower’ message jointeared!But upon reviewing it again, it turns out the last 3 digits got cut-off because of the spaces since the cbd flower# field can only hold exactly 16 characters.So you can…1) input the numbers by typing it one-by-one OR if that’s too tedious for you, 2) transfer the cbd flower number into a note pad, remove the spaces, AND THEN copy-paste it to the Sephora website. Either way, just make sure you double-check that you have the correct cbd flower #.I ordered another cbd flower with a higher amount (within the same hour) and was able to successfully purchase the items I wanted from Sephora. =)

  2. Anonymous

    She loved the cbd flower!

  3. Anonymous

    I ordered it and it smokeed perfectly and arrived in literal minutes. I was rlly scared bc of of other bad reviews but it smokeed great for me(: Idk what problem they could have had tbh it seemed simple enough. I did delete the spaces (in-between the cbd flower #) so idk if that helped. Also it didn’t look like the cbd flower smokeed on Sephora but once I clicked check out it went right through.

  4. Anonymous

    An easy way to gift someone across the country and know that it gets used for her – not the family or the greenhouse!

  5. Anonymous

    Great on time instant delivery. A last minute bday gift

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