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This sativa dominant hybrid is a cultivar otherwise known as Cinderella 99 or Cindy or C99. Its name was derived from the fairy tale heroine, like other cultivators holds significant characteristics and positive economic benefits. The strain is well known for its fruity and floral aroma owing to a heavy presence of linalool.

Around the late 1990s, while investigating Jack Herer bud, Mr. Soul — founder of Brothers Grimm Seeds – identified a few seeds purchased in an Amsterdam coffee shop. Following his curiosity, he cultivated one of the seed named Princess, which according to user reports, yielded a much more mind-blowing experience than other strains found in the market at that time.

Having found the importance of Princess, he resolved to develop a super-strain that would enable him to push Princess and it’s economic benefits to the world. After, paring Princess with Shiva Skunk to enhance strength in the resulting strain, and conducting some back crossing procedures, the Cinderella 88 was created. This strain, paired with Princess again, would finally serve as the key to creating what breeders call the Holy Grail of Hybrids — Cinderella 99.

This popular strain with its fruity and pungent flavor, is ideal for daytime usage and with the amount of active ingredients found in it, Cinderella 99 can be regarded as one of the most potent strains amongst the lot. It is rich in energy elements and it also possess attributes that can enhance focus.

While this variety remains a must have, it is noteworthy to state that this strain was perfected through genetic selection/cross breeding and it roots can be traced back to the Sensi Seed which is native to Amsterdam. Some information sources, owing to C99 efficacy and use, have listed it as one of the Top Ten Strains in the market. There is a no more fitting reward for this resulting piece spawned from an act of genetic breeding of Jack Herer (a classic sativa) and Shiva Skunk (a potent indica). Classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Cinderella 99 is roughly 85% sativa and 15% indica ratio.

With a long-lasting effect of about 90 – 100 minutes, Cindy in her creeping nature, takes about 15 minutes to work her magic to give that mind-blowing effect.

Attributes Of Cinderella 99 Strain (Appearance, Aroma And Flavor)

C99 is a hybrid strain derived from the multiple crossbreeding, with the strain showing more attributes of sativa-based variety than indica which is less dormant. These flowering variety is seen to be less difficult in nurturing to maturity as it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It can extend to as much as 30 inches in height, producing a long, thick central colas with a significant calyx to leaf ratio, leaving it enormously desirable to breeders. The buds are dense, rich and very sticky. This cannabis gives a mix of colors ranging from medium green to brassy orange pistils with a flurry layer of crystals covering the bud.

There are two main phenotypes that can be found which are grapefruit and pineapple and they can be identified mainly by the flavor their flavor and scent profiles. The scent of this strain is engineered to tingle your senses as it projects a strong skunky smell, lasting long in any enclosed environment, eve long after the strain has been removed from that vicinity. The citrusy notes mimic dark but wildly subtle taste, leaving you of thoughts of pineapple fields filled with sweet burst of flavors. When rich flavors of these strain is released, it oozes outs as a fruity and citrus scent with an earthy feel. It tends to grow pungent and overwhelming with sweetness, imitating the presence of a Tropical citrus candy.


Cultivating Cinderella 99 Cannabis

There are a few factors to always reflect upon when considering cultivating cannabis strains, some of which are the yield, flowering time, conditions for cultivation, and level of maintenance. Placing these factors into perspective, we can genuinely say that Cinderella 99 remains every cultivator’s dream with great performance rates, plus, let’s not forget its sweet, tasty and pungent buds the give an air of superiority in nature.

It is ideal strain for both indoors and outdoors cultivation bearing in mind that the conditions for increased yield needs to be right. Prized for its yield, it’s a grower friendly crop with a low maintenance rate, highly resistant to common diseases, mildews, molds and pest. As with other cannabis types, best practices in ensuring success in planting this strain suffices. While not requiring much for adequate growth, it still important to monitor its performance and possibly provide necessary conditions for high yield.

These delicious and healthy flower flourishes better outdoors, provided climatic and environmental conditions such as sunshine and warmth are favorable. Outdoor cultivars of C99 yield twice as much as those nurtured indoors. Recently, other methods such as hydroponic techniques, has paved the way for speedy result in terms of growth rate, yield and flowering period. At only 7 – 9 weeks, the harvest period for C99 outdoor cultivars falls between late September and early October, resulting in an average yield of at least 35 ounces per plant for outdoors and half that yield for indoor yields.

This wonder strain holds more pros than cons for cultivators owing to its great yield, economic benefits, required maintenance practices, and sweet savoy flavor and scents it produces.


Cinderella 99 been a sativa dominant crop, this marijuana strain highly stimulates the interest all architypes of consumers making the commodity one of the got to day-time herbal crops. The existential constituents found in this strain serves as active ingredients that awakens and energizes, providing focus and assisting users remain productive for a long period of time, provided if taken in low doses.

The effect of this product is heightened for every increase in dosage, as users progress from an uplifting to a dreamy and euphoric state. This can also develop into a mild psychoactive feeling which is the usual experience for cannabis consumers. While the feeling is cerebral, there is a high propensity that users might develop a head rush sensation a few moments after smoking it, which can be enjoyable for most users.

When consumed the effect on the mental state over the is more pronounced accompanied with overwhelming feelings of elation, happiness and contentment. This potent stimulant is known to elevate positive attitudes and increase vibrations, providing a Zen experience, while increasing concentration power.


Economic Benefits

This fast flowering Sativa becomes highly appreciated in its usefulness when it comes to the benefits derived. With the significant content of Cannabidiol (CBD) in Cinderella 99, medically it works effectively to improve physical, mental and emotional conditions, likewise ailments and symptoms. Within the marijuana community, some of its strains are useful in combating deficiencies in appetite, fatigue disorder, nausea, joint pains, aches, chronic pain, muscle cramping, migraines, inflammation and mild to moderate arthritis.

There are different methods of ingesting this strain and it is important for consumers seeking its health and medical benefits to identify the best method of intake other than smoking it. Concentrates, edibles, extracts, gummies, chocolates, candies, and tinctures can all provide the required CBD without affecting the lungs nor its functions.

Caution must always suffice when using higher doses of this highly potent commodity, and it must be known users understanding of the strain comes with different levels of doses.

Possible Side Effects  

As known with every marijuana strain, Cinderella 99 possess it own adverse effects, which may include dry mouth (cotton mouth) and dry/red eyes. Both side effects can easily be managed given simply steps in preparation and planning.

Users must always remember to take loads of water before, during and after consuming the strain to keep the body hydrated. This helps deters sensations of cotton mouth, and also aids to prevent any grogginess or headaches that may be experienced the day after.

Users experiencing feeling of discomfort from dry, itchy/red eyes can address this by utilizing moisturizing eye drops purchased from any local drugstore or pharmacy of choice before cannabis use. These drops can offered the needed relief in the face of discomfort.


This strain amongst the many strains that can be found in the market offers the right amount of CBD which are suitable alternatives for sensitive users of cannabis.


473 reviews for Cinderella 99 CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp Bud CBD Flower

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    This thing is great. Stays in place in the drain with no issue, doesn’t block water flow, and it’s really good at catching hair. When I’ve shaved body hair that was about 1/3 of an inch long, afterwards I found it neatly arranged around the bottom of this thing. It’s very easy to clean hair off of it too.

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