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The Chocolope is a great strain for lovers of warm mocha latte. This unique blend of cold brew coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla and candy sweetness oozes with delight, reminding you of your local favorite coffee store. This strain just attacks your taste buds making them long for more with its all-round flavor, aroma and effects. With coffee moistly consumed in the mornings, this strain is a tailored perfectly for morning use. Don’t get us wrong, you can enjoy this strain at any time of the day by with its mix of sumptuous delight, this strain will make sweet love with senses and take you to wonder land while leaving you with a high energy level, lazer sharp focus and an uplifted spirit.

Chocolope is most definitely a sativa-based strain, guessing by the level of sativa composition to indica which is 95% to 5% making this strain very potent and a major force. According to Way of Leaf, Chocolope “was bred by the talented scientists over at DNA Genetics, which are based out of the Mary Jane famous Amsterdam”. With the advent of this almost pure sativa, shock waves was sent across the weed world once again, that not only uplift and brings happiness but also has the ability to energize and motivate it’s users. While understanding the potency of this strain, one can only begin to imaging the amount of benefits embedded in this ganja goodness. Asides it’s economic value, its medicinal and recreational benefits are quite a few. In the cannabis community, this strain is one for the books as it can be utilized in managing a variety of medical conditions and ailments experienced across different segments of users.  In 2007 Chocolope rose to the hallmark of stardom as it become one of the renowned celebrities to be awarded among the community of cannabis the honors of “Strain of the Year” by High Times, plastering this beautiful bud all over its covers. This strain is one of a kind, but we wont just let the cat out of the bag yet, we would like to take you on a journey into the world of Chocolope, a place where you can savor the original flavor and aroma of this plant, not to mention its stunningly beautiful physiology.

It goes without saying, this strain was conceived and birth from the combination of two prominent sativa amongst the pack; the Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. Coincidentally, the representative name Chocolope was coined from both parent names. It is undoubted that the genetics of this breed is stunning with it almost pure sativa composition, it can be said to stand out amongst sativa-based cannabis strains. Following its 95% sativa and 5% indica ratio, it is like the indica composition is almost nonexistent. This precious strain has over the years won the hearts of users replacing their morning caffeinated beverage or daily boost drinks with this strain, little wonder it is fast becoming a favorite. Many sources have confirmed that this crop when consumed, energizes, motivates, uplifts and induces focus.

Chocolope has become one of the most popular strains among American cannabis community since the 1980s, but it has continued to attract followers from across the world and particularly has become popular in Europe, Canada and most of the United States, becoming one of the go-to cannabis, partly because of its revolutionary effects on the physical and mental state of users. The delicious and mouth-watering flavor also serves as a major selling point for the strain, which must be purchased from a recognized seller or cultivators. The chocolaty flavor profile stimulates a wowing or should we say, an aha moment for every user of this commodity.

Chocolope as reported by Seed Finders is a novice growers dream plant and was originally named D-Line. With its sativa heavy nature, it is bound to require space to grow as it has been document to tower high.

In addition, after conducting laboratory tests, Chocolope has been reported to have a relatively high content of THC, averaging 18%-23%. Although the CBD level may not be as high as that of its counterpart, THC, it doesn’t stop people from utilizing this cannabis strain for medicinal purposes. It has been observed that many marijuana patients find solace in this weed to ease chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, migraines, fatigue and muscle cramps, and several others Conditions and diseases.

Chocolope in all ramifications remains a unique strain with its mouth-watering flavor profile, which in many ways reminds us of our morning coffee cup, filled with sweetness, ready to tingle your senses as it is served with a small side of rich, dark chocolate. Some say that this strain hits you the moment the container, jar or baggie is opened, leaving room for the scent to escape to fill up the atmosphere. What you get is nothing short of original, which as described by some is a roasted, coffee-like scent which after sometimes fizzles into a more earthy and strong undertones.

This cannabis strain is indeed a typical balance between down-to-earth beauty and candy flavored sweetness and alluring notes. The tastes as it lingers on you, becomes better than the aroma, extending beyond your imagination with its far-reaching goodness. With the preservation of the coffee aroma, one begins to experiences a more dynamic range to its upper, middle and heart notes, but this time the vanilla-like sweetness is added, which reminds consumers of fresh vanilla beans and their favorite brew.

Amongst the pack, Chocolope till date is still considered by many experts and connoisseurs as one of the sweetest sativas ever to grace us with its presence. As you get a feel of this sugary notes, one can clearly distinguishes it far contrast from artificial candy making it less reminiscent to the synthetic products of this world. You know that wholesome sweetness experienced you feel when you take a bite of a juicy ripe fruit, that’s the feeling Chocolope aims to provide. The buds which are filled with thick, frosty crystal coating the surface of the colas might end up catching your gaze for a while, making you visual this beauty relentlessly. According to Way of Leaf, the buds the sugar leaves are a blend of grey and green, and the orange pistils that curl and wiggle, add a vibrant color to the entire form, making it look like winter-like frost. The plant has its water leaves looking like a strong healthy-green, indicative of it vibrance while the colas are richly stacked and stretchy, as they are mounted on the sturdy stems that hold together all these little buds.

Cultivating Chocolope

Profiling Chocolope, you would agree that this strain is a reminder of those guilty pleasures you just can’t do without, while we trust that every other information that has been dished out here to bring you up to speed on this magical marijuana has sold you already, we would like to burst more of your bubbles by telling letting you know that it’s a fairly easy weed to grow. Although atmospheric conditions need to be right for a successful yield. Wiki leaf affirms that Chocolope owing to its peculiarities and unique nature can make a difficult strain for beginners to cultivate, although Way of Leaf suggests a different opinion, stating that this strain is a fairly easy one to grow but with this contrasting opinions, what is sure is once the right conditions are provided for the growth of this strain, you can be certain to have a significant yield. Be it an expert or a beginner, don’t pass of the offer to grow this glorious weed. Been a sativa based plant, it requires adequate space for unhindered growth but we might also recall that like most strains, it is affected by molds and powdery mildews, so healthy growth, regular checkups are essential.

Chocolope can be grown both indoor and outdoor but this sativa dominant plant prefers the sunny and climatic conditions like or similar to that of the Mediterranean region when planted outdoors. Similar conditions can be simulated when planted indoors but of course one will require a functional climate control system and a well-ventilated environment. Similar to other strains in its class, it takes about 9 to 10 weeks to flower, with its harvest period scheduled to last from mid-late October to early November for crops plant outdoors. With an estimated average of 21 ounces, the indoor approach yields this result per square meter, while the outdoor yield amounts to a whooping 32 ounces per plant. Regardless of your level of expertise in nurturing or maturing cannabis strains to flowering, it can be deduced that the merits of cultivating the crop overshadows the demerits, remember fortune favors the brave.

Effects of Chocolope

Chocolope, like some cannabis rock stars on the block, also provides an energetic and inspiring high, which we creative or projective minds can leverage on in creating the next Sistine chapel. Users can be guaranteed to get a strong kick from this cannabis strain to help them in their daily task or work. As a sativa-based crop, it has a more influence on the cerebral activities, in essence its effects are more mental but not so psychoactive, which in turn makes it possible for user to functions regularly after taking this marijuana. Effects of coffee caffeine pales in comparison even though they share similar aroma, and unlike caffeine, Chocolope isn’t known to make consumers jittery or nervous but rather uplifts and balances out with an early onset of happiness and steady breathing as reported by way of leaf. This lingers for a while and gradually dissipates. Chocolope, following its attributes can be ideal for morning or late morning consumption. It can also be consumed at any other time of the day but a note to users; owing to its ability to energize, it isn’t the most suited for late nights or night time, as its effects will prevent users from falling asleep. On the back drop of this fact, persons suffering from insomnia or sleep difficulties, should veer away from this commodity as it will only enhance the challenge. Sativas are best know for their ability to work on the mental aspect and boost energy but for marijuana geeks seeks relaxing experience that will drift into a comfy sleep time, a strain with stronger indica composition will suffice.


Economic Importance of Chocolope

Earlier it was observed that Chocolope is known for many of its attributes and potencies, inclusive of that is its medicinal value in the cannabis community. It has the ability to work on both the body and mind, bringing relief to various ailments, conditions and discomforts. You will recall that one of the attributes of Chocolope is its ability to uplift and motivate, this magical strain can be used to address negative thought patterns and stimulate positivity for those struggling with the former. This marijuana can also be used to quite a stormy or busy day for users.

Chocolope works brilliantly with the body too, as its intense effect can be used to subdue chronic pains, muscle spasm, , migraines and much more, making it a potent medicine for any person suffering from the afore mentioned. The sativa composition makes this a medicine which can also be used to combat fatigue, as this fast-acting crop replenishes depleted energy levels, making it perfect for day time use to help users maintain a good high to perform day to day functions.

This crop can be consumed in different forms such as smoking, edibles, concentrates, live resin, candies, chocolates, extracts and many more but it is important for all to know that dosage matters. The amount consumed will determine the effect and experience of the user. Too much of the strain might result into unpleasant paranoia or stress, so it is advised that this strain should be consumed in small to average doses. Every user must understand their limits, that way they can have control on the experience felt and direct affairs appropriately.

Possible Side Effects of Chocolope Strain

Not surprisingly, even if its THC content is high, there are few reports of paranoia, stress or anxiety. The only adverse effect of this weed that is often reported is cotton mouth (dry mouth), which can be easily addressed with adequate preparations. In order to avoid such negative effects, please drink plenty of water before, during and after the high position, and keep a bottle of water at hand or nearby at any time, so as not to trouble yourself in the future, and remind you to drink water frequently. Occasionally there are reports of dry eyes, but this is rarer than reports of cotton mouths. If you do feel dry eyes, you can keep a bottle of moisturizing and soothing eye drops on hand. This is a wonderful and effective way to combat this discomfort.

1356 reviews for Chocolope CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp Bud CBD Flower

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