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Chocolate Skunk CBD hemp flower

A strain with a deep and rich background behind it, Chocolate Skunk hemp flower is 00 Seeds’ proud commodity. There is a clear Sativa history to this hybrid beauty, and it comes from a cross between two classic favorites, Skunk and Chocolope. This strain is so delicious that it can lead users to over-consumption very quickly; newer users should be careful.

With a strain like Chocolate Skunk, CBD levels can get pretty hefty, as highs peak out around 22% and a THC less than 0.3 %. This strain packs a punch with plenty of orange pistils, matching trichomes, and sticky resin around a forest green foundation, even though its CBD nugs may be thin. Skunk, chocolate, and coffee notes make this a perfect addition to one’s breakfast in the morning.

There’s just so much that caffeine can do for your energy level when you have a busy day ahead of you, and it doesn’t even start to fix your imagination or emotional state. With a burst of inspiration that is highly intellectual and pretty concentrated, Chocolate Skunk can almost replace that morning cup of coffee.

History of Chocolate Skunk CBD hemp flower

The Chocolate Skunk hemp flower, coming from two other popular hybrids, Skunk and Chocolope, has been produced only as feminized seeds. 00 Seeds, a successful Spanish seed bank, was the first developer to visualize this particular combination.

Features of Chocolate Skunk CBD hemp flower


When glancing at the hemp buds of this strain, nothing brings chocolate to mind. Instead, they are on the green nuance’s dark side, with several shades of forest green, mixed with spots of dark olive green and pale orange hair intertwined between them. They are held together by individual sticky particles of resin in the form of grapes.


With a clear note of skunky chocolate when first inhaled, Sweetness is the primary ingredient for this taste. After the exhale, the skunk’s unnerving taste becomes more significant, almost completely covering the chocolate and coffee palate as undertones.


The Chocolate Skunk CBD hemp flower has a strong odor, with an unmistakable scent. This certainly fills up the entire space in which it is grown or travels a wide distance if grown outdoor, as it would be expected from any plant that has the word ‘skunk’ included in its denomination. Whenever some by-product from the Skunk group is involved, air filtering systems are a must.

Thus, after you must have gone through this piece on Chocolate Skunk CBD hemp flower, here is one thing to remember, at least know which plant to ask for, when in an inspiring crisis, or when in need of an energy boost, clear of mind-numbing, or couch-locking after effects.


896 reviews for Chocolate Skunk CBD Flower Indoor Hemp Bud

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