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Chocolate Mint OG CBD hemp flower

The chocolate mint OG CBD hemp is one flower known to induces cerebral and physical effects on its users. It is a unique strain, and an Indica dominant hemp flower developed fom the crossing between the Emerald OG kush and the famous Grand Daddy purple strain created by Humboldt seed organization. This makes it one of the most popular hemps out there and also an Indica dominant hybrid strain.

Chocolate mint OG strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain as stated earier with big, dense hemp buds. It develops in 55-65 days of flowering. It takes the appearance of bright green popcorn in terms of shape, thereby making many personal growers enjoy its incredibly fast-flowering time, its wonderful aroma, high yield and hues.

This chocolate mint is unique as it is being used at the end of the day mostly. Its taste and aroma are relatively impressive as it offers the same as its name. It can be planted both indoor as well as outdoor, and it weighs 400 to 600 grams per square meter of the plant while the outdoor will provide 1000 to 2000.

It infuses a pure sense of happiness and deep mental relaxation because it works from the mind down to the body; thus leaving its users pain-free and low tension. This is achieved by combining its blend of chocolate, mint, pine and grassy overtones with sharp and spicy notes.

In small doses, chocolate mint OG strain offers gentle happiness alongside smoothing body while larger quantities may have sedative effects. As enticing as the name implies, its deep flavours and aroma tend to make people take more than enough of the hemp strain, forgetting about its high potency as it comes with a CBD content level of 11% to 22% against a THC of less than 0.3%.

History ย ofย Chocolate Mint OG CBD hemp flower


This CBD hemp flower was created from the crossing between the famous Grand Daddy purple strain and the Emerald OG Kush.



Features ofย Chocolate Mint OG CBD hemp flower


The chocolate mint OG hemp buds are dense and little compressed with lots of purple undertones. The surface also is covered in several winding orange hairs, hearty covering of milk-white and translucent trichome and it can make an interior decor look perfect. The fan leaves, sugar leaves and hemp buds take on exciting colours such as purple and blue.


Just as the name chocolate mint, it produces a sweet, spicy, minty aroma, mixed with a bit of fresh wood that is reminiscent of the redwood and strong grassy notes. It has got a magnificent smell, including gas overload, leaving its users satisfied and making its smoke both pleasant and smooth.


Chocolate mint OG hemp flower has a very wonderful blend of chocolate, coffee, mint, pine and bits of spicy herb leaving a unique taste on one’s pallet, leaving users to have it all-day



It passes the scent to flavour quality test, meaning that the nose translates to the mouth accurately on what it is to come or hit. It is best for an end of the day’s smoke, though it is not necessarily for sedation, it’s great for users who seek the peace of mind. It’s effect is immediate and decisive, defining it as a fast creeper as it fills your head with happiness and relaxation before the smoke is exhausted. It takes the pain, worry, and discomfort away for some hours and gives a clear head. Its a smoke to take for tranquillity.


970 reviews for Chocolate Mint CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp Bud CBD Flower

  1. Anonymous

    Terrific nugs. Now I have indoor in my entire greenhouse.

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing nugs

  3. Anonymous

    Trash. These are worthless. Unless you keep them within five feet of each other they will not keep smoking. As a single indoor lighter they are cool with a nice joint interface. The mesh idea is cool in theory but completely breaks down in practice. I have a total of four that constantly fail to stay flavored, though I can stand in one spot and see them all. Do not waste your money on more than one.

  4. Anonymous

    very good

  5. Anonymous

    Unfortunately my internet service provider doesn’t support these. But, they were so easy to link together. I can’t comment on the indoor scent as I never got to flavor to my ISP ๐Ÿ™

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