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A super premium CBD strain with CBD content of 18%. This strain packs some serious bag appeal. When searching for a bud that’s going to look incredible in the package to show off, look no further. This is your show-off bud. Most users prize this bud for its enticing flavors and aromas.

Cherry Creme CBD flower

The cherry creme CBD flower is an excellent strain that is unique because of it’s crystal appearance and it’s delicious profile.

It is a Sativa based hemp strain, with a Sativa traits percentage level of seventy (70%) and an Indica traits percentage level of thirty (30%).  The CBD content level is about 30% against a THC content level of 0.03%. The THC content level may start to rise if the buds are not harvested on time. In this case, it’s advised that the grower removes the buds as they begin to produce flowers.

It is a challenging strain to grow, mostly by the amateur grower. Thus it is hardly cultivated, making it a rare hemp strain in terms of availability. However, if by any chance you get hold of some nuggets, you’d be on your way to getting an ecstatic relaxation.

The cherry creme strain comes with a very high content level of CBD and Myrcene (a terpene), which helps the strain exhibit it’s qualities like relaxation. Its CBD content level, which is around 30%, is among the highest you can ever come across. It is also packed with terpenes other than myrcene, which plays an essential role in its aroma. With all this, the cherry creme CBD flower is regarded as a high-quality hemp flower.


History of cherry creme CBD hemp flower

The cherry creme CBD strain is a hybrid produced from the cross-breeding between Dream Tonic and Berry Blossom. Both parent strains are delicious and have so many significant effects.


Features of the cherry creme CBD hemp flower


This strain comes with a raw appearance with its buds made up of flowers. The trichomes present are packed up with resin, which makes the bud very sticky.

The cherry creme CBD hemp flower buds are rigid and can’t be broken by hand, and to ready them for decarboxylation, a hand grinder is required.

It also shows pale green calyxes, with filaments like pistils that’s are bright orange in color and thick green leaves. In most cases, the pistils might exhibit a pinkish hue.

Flavor and aroma

The cherry creme strain is known to be one of the tastiest hemp strains out there. It’s is quite apparent, even from the name. According to most of its users, the cherry creme strain tastes like cherry dessert and some minty notes. When you are long done with the hemp strain, there is still a residue of spiciness left in your mouth.

However, the strain leaves your mouth dry after consumption, and this can be corrected by using ice cubes to keep the mouth hydrated and free from any form of bad breath.

On the other hand, the aroma is an exciting one, comprising of a mixture of elegant grapes crowned with woody notes.

Terpene profile

Terpenes are fragrant oils, which generate various fragrances in plants like hemp flowers. These terpenes are responsible for the scents present in the Cherry Creme CBD hemp strain.  And as well initiate the significant entourage effect of the said strain. The terpenes found in the Cherry Creme CBD flower include; caryophyllene, myrcene, and bisabolol.

All together plays a vital role in giving the strain it’s qualities like relaxation and others.



The cherry creme CBD flower can be an excellent choice if you look for a useful high CBD level strain. With its qualities, you are sure to receive the best treat ever.

544 reviews for Cherry Creme CBD Hemp Flower Buds Outdoor Hemp CBD Flower Nugs

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