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This vermont strain is one of our favorites for unique flavors and scents. The turpentine profile is out of this world. Most users use this hemp as a day-time smoke. With a CBD content of 14% it is one of the more moderate smokes recommended for beginners.

Ceiba CBD hemp flower

The ceiba CBD hemp flower is a strain from the east coast, which possesses the powers to relax and relieve its users. It is a CBD powerhouse strain that is ideal for people who require this cannabinoid for medication.

The Ceiba CBD hemp is an Indica leaning hemp strain made up of an Indica percentage of sixty (60%) and a Sativa percentage of forty (40%).  It has a CBD content volume of 17% and THC content volume of 0.2%.

The ceiba CBD hemp flower strain is packed with trichomes, making it possible to produce a fascinating flavor and aroma. The Ceiba flower lives due to the crossbreeding between two equally unique strains; the Sour Tsunami and the Harlequin/Cannatonic strain. It is a very high CBD dense strain made up of thick bud structures filled with terpenes and cannabinoids.

The flower buds usually are adequately rounded during harvest. As they reach the colas (a cluster of buds), they tend to have the shape of a spade. At this point, the buds are stickier.


History of Ceiba hemp flower

The Ceiba CBD hemp flower’s origin traces Vermont (a state in the United States). It came into existence from the crossbreeding between two potent strains, the powerful Sour Tsunami and the Harlequin/Cannatonic strain.



Aroma and taste

The ceiba hemp flower strain comprises a hemp-ish aroma, which feels more like walking in a damp woodland barefooted. This earthlike woody aroma is, however, contaminated with citrus remarks. When inhaled, the smoke immediately fills your throat and mouth with a herbal taste that changes to a spicy flavor on exhaling the smoke. Also, there might be a tingling sensation at the rear of your throat. If the user is not careful enough, Ceiba’s use will leave you coughing uncontrollably, just like every other pungent strain.

The Ceiba is a potent and fast-acting hemp strain. Once consumed, there is an immediate experience of some stimulating effects. In most cases where people battled with occasional stress and overthinking, one is relieved as the Ceiba hemp strain comes with a deep relaxation feeling. With the high content level of CBD present in the hemp flower, which surpasses 17%, you should be confident in the level of relief you can get from the use of Ceiba hemp strain.


The rising high CBD hemp strain produced from a crossing between the Sour Tsunami and the Harlequin strain is a small bud structure filled with terpenes and cannabinoids. However, during harvest, the flower buds become round and possess a spade shape on approaching the colas. They become sticky at this time.

Terpene profile

These are responsible for the unique flavors produced by the Ceiba strain. It helps to create the species through a process known as pollination. They also repel predators who, most of the time, plan to feast on the colas. The terpenes present in the Ceiba hemp strain include; humulene, pinene, caryophyllene, and bisabolol.

The humulene produces an earthlike or clove-like scent that is pungent in the Ceiba strain. It is also known to possess some other properties.

The pinene enhances the herbal aroma of the Ceiba strain. It increases alertness and helps in calming the mind.

The caryophyllene terpene, on the other, is pepper scented. When you inhale smoke from a burnt Ceiba strain, the caryophyllene terpene offers you a touch of heat on the tongue and lips.

The bisabolol terpene is sweet, possessing a hint of citrus spiciness. It is abundant in chamomiles and produces a naturally comforting sensation.



If you are searching for is a strain that will take you far away from overthinking, depression, and stress, you need to consider using the Ceiba hemp strain. It contains all you need to be cool.

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