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This strain is a desire bale and delectable one which hold the fancy of all its beholders. In itself, it can be regarded as a super high in CBD crop which has In most ways proven its potency through both the CBD levels and THC levels. By virtue of its genetic makeup and composition of its active ingredients, it has made it to the top as one of the best medical strains ever to grace the face of the earth. As reported by some information sources, it efficacy to get its users sky-high is no news but the excitement it brings to its users speaks volumes as it helps them in relaxing and unminding in a super cool experience. One can only but emphasize the increased levels of CBD compared to other strains.. It is according to many resources a famous strain/ marijuana in the family of cannabis strains. Will it be fair criticism to say owing to the low levels of THC, it will be less potent on the body and mental state of users, well if you your school of thought in terms of potency is determined by the different levels of its composition, then you must be mistaken in your judgment as the strain hold true in its ability to improve mental and physical state.

Among the family of marijuana, this strain is very well known and will be the envy of some. It has been observed that most cuts of Cannatonic will have a higher level of CBD compared to the THC. This review is not a resource to talk about a CBD versus and THC composition, but this information will assist users consider their choices when they are armed with such information.  In as much as the THC levels works on the mental state more, it is expected that users should not expect a mind blowing high, and this is owing to the balance in the sativa and indica levels which is reported to be 50% to 50%. Sure, readers will be confused now as to what they will be getting when it comes to the experiences this great crop can evoke or provide, do leave that to us as we take you on this journey. We must spell it out in clear terms now though that what you will be getting from the use of this cannabis train is a mild experience which helps you relax and provides a feeling of happiness. This we can say will be a great day time use.

In recent research, the high CBD strains are becoming more popular among the community of practice or users as there are massive benefits associated with this active force called Cannabinoid (CBD).  In as much as we are working with secondary data gathered from many user reviews, we can’t categorically state the effectiveness of CBD but when tens of thousands of reviewers have affirmed of its benefits and potency, we can’t help but say have a little faith in the lady called Cannatonic.

Cannatonic which was created using Resin Seeds, is a balanced Hybrid crop with 50% sativa and 50% indica, each equally sharing the composition of this strain. This lovely hybrid was developed from top shelf parentage, as reported earlier by some resources, it is a result of the crossing of key strains which are male G13 Haze and female MK Ultra. Although we are yet to confirm it but It has been suggested by some sources that this strain started the entire CBD movement in Europe. While it is indigenous of Spain, Europe, it has become s divergent crop been cultivated is different places across the world. In other words, this strain is well known around the world, and like some of the top tier strains that have been given the privilege to compete at the Cannabis Cup, Cannatonic strain has also won several awards around the globe for the best concentrate and best CBD plant. To speak about cannabis within the industry, this strain is a key corner piece or a key piece of an institution users and other stakeholders would be proud to be part of.

As reported by entourage effect, cannabinoids and terpenes work better together. While this is good it has also been revealed that consumers are beginning to get more wary of the CBD isolates, bearing in mind that it has been observed that high CBD strains do not have enough THC level to serve as a kick for the CBD. We haven’t confirmed this but we are happy to report that with Cannatonic, you won’t be having such problem because it has the require amount of THC to serve as a catalyst for activating the mild and mellow buzz any user would expect.

Seed finders refer to this crop as a CBD queen and in view of their reports on the genealogy, they later confirmed the parentage of this queen with Reina Madre and NYC Diesel reported as been the real genetics of Cannatonic. This crop is suited for both indoor and outdoor with the former yielding at least 500 grams per square meter (m2) while the later has been recorded to yield 250 – 400 grams per plant, making the outdoor approach much more suitable for cultivars and the likes.

Cannatonic Strain: Appearance, Aroma and Flavor

This strain is what is expected of any balanced hybrid strain, which has most of its phenotypic traits influenced by the parent lineage, making this train s medium sized plant with pop-corn like buds in a green yellowish color. Breeders are beginning to fancy cultivating this hybrid due to its CBD level and the recent increase in demand for the crop. This 50/50 hybrid was engineered as a rare gem, setting the pace among the strains containing high CBD levels, it indicates that this strain possesses a prolonged and strong psychological effect that can be deemed useful in many ways than not.  Cannatonic, once its nearing its harvest period begins to develop buds coated with trichome crystals surrounded by small sugar leaves, at this point, colas are dense,  and the buds will be chunky and packed tightly.

This crop that is now legally sold in places like Canada, holds a lot to give the world in terms of its use medically, but without further ado, lets talk about the aroma and flavor which has also been recorded to be enticing if we can use that word to sum up all its qualities.

Before we continue, if you can’t stand a woody earthy scent with hints of citrusy delight, we warm you to stay clear of this review but if you happen to be an enthusiast or cannabis connoisseur, well stick around to get more juicy information on this strain. This strain is well known for its unique aroma, which at first provides its beholders with an earthy woody feel but when our sweet senses kick in, one begins to get a hint of citrusy aroma, all of which are a reflection of its lineage. It inherits its earthy feel from the G13 Haze which it is known for and the citrusy delight, you guessed as much comes from both parents. Although the citrusy nature is mild compared to it’s woody properties, the significant levels of terpenes, especially myrcenes and linalool are notable in the strain. These components are responsible for the citrusy scent. We also discovered some other sour notes but these are noticeable when the crop is smoked as an herb.

The strain as stated earlier is a unique blend that packs some really cool and beautiful flavors, with each intake giving a combination of fresh pone and citrusy burst that stimulates your senses and teases your palate. The sweetness which has been describe as tangy, lingers on user tongue before it disappears. It is safe to say that Cannatonic is a pleasure to smoke, and it isn’t overwhelming in its scent and effect like other strains.

CDB and THC Content

According to studies on Cannatonic, the CBD content has been recorded to be an approximately between 12% – 17% and the THC content ranging from 7% – 15%, meaning for every cut there is a big chance of getting more CBD content with a CBD to THC ratio estimated to be 1:1. Having been bred by the Founder of Resin Seeds – Jaime, this was one of the strain recorded with this ratio. According to a leafy reviewer? “This certainly isn’t recreational weed; it isn’’t going to get you stoned or high. This is just pure good stuff with true lifestyle effects. About five to 10 minutes after smoking, the effect starts to set in. A very nice, broad body buzz.

Cultivating Cannatonic Strain

This strain not like many other strains is much easier to cultivate indoors as it is prone to molds and mildews. That been said, it is not a verdict to say outdoors cultivation is not possible, it only requires a lot more finesse in achieving the desired yields as the crop is one that requires high level of maintenance.  In cultivating the crop, it requires that right atmospheric conditions, which are temperature and humidity levels. Pruning the plant is also a necessary endeavor as this will enhance airflow.  When grown outdoor, the yield is around 14 ounces per plant and with it ready for harvest in October it has similar planting and maintenance practices like some of the other cannabis on the block.

Evidently, growing are more inclined to growing this strain indoors, owing to the planting practices, maintenance level and physiological attributes associated with the plant. It can extend to a reasonable height but not to the level that it would be a bother. During the vegetive stage of the plants lifecycle, it can be exposed to light for twenty four (24) hours but according to Resin Seeds, it is recommended that it be exposed between six (6) to eighteen (18) hours of light until when the cultivator intends to force the plant to flower.

Humidity level initially can be kept at around 60% during the vegetative state but once the plat progresses into the flowering stage, humidity level should be recalibrated to 50% or less. When at the late flowering state, humidity should be changed again to 40%. According to some resource, “experiences growers say they get the best results when the pH of the growing medium is kept between 6.2 and 6.5”.

One key point that must not be overlooked is the need to providing essential nutrients for the plant to ensure sustained growth and desired yield. During the vegetative state, it is essential to make sure that the plant gets sufficient levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium (NPK) but the nutrient application level is advised to be dropped when in flowering stage, while flushing is necessary 1 – 2 weeks before harvesting.   This crop which flowers in October takes about 9 – 11 weeks to when planted outdoor. When planted indoors it take about the same time but with a yield of 18 ounces per meter square while outdoors gives a yield of 14 ounces per plant.

One must always remember that warm, and dry climate is essential for the growth of this plant. Nutrients will also enrich the process in preventing stunted growths but when outdoor, it must be shielded away from rain.

Effects of Cannatonic Cannabis

This strain can be a route to wonder land for the less initiated, as novices can get a good decent high due to the plenty CBD. It has been reported that users characteristically feel mellow, but for experienced users, they will only the feeling of taking something but definitely not stoned. Feelings recorded ranges from feeling optimistic, to relaxed without the heightened energy provided by some other strains. Users are set to experience a mellow high which can be what you need after a stressful day at work.

Cannatonic with its CBD levels, can be seen as a strain designed majorly for medicinal purposes. It’s definitely one to enjoy, as it helps to alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions and not serve as a gateway to wasted land. Generally speaking, the high will be concentrated on the body, but users are also guaranteed to also enjoy pleasant mental high with sharp brain focus.

Economic Benefits of Cannatonic Marijuana

Cannatonic with its medical and economic benefits is considered one of the best medical marijuana strains on the market. If you happen to be one of those individuals who obtains occasional sleeplessness , make it difficult to complete several hours of work at a time, Cannatonic may be particularly useful.

It seems that the CBD to THC ratio works very well to make people concentrate more. One of the add on to the benefits of this strain is that users get a luxury of the high without feelings of anxiety creeping in, one I would like to call the Cannatonic effect. This cannabis strain, if it were a masseuse, possesses the skill set to relax without causing sudden jolt. It is a daytime strain, perfect for boosting the mood of its users. It has also been said that some people utilize this wonder plant to improve their life.

Possible Side Effects of Cannatonic Strain

As with every other cannabis strain, there are possible side effects which can be dealt with provided the user is prepared. Cannatonic on the other hand isn’t as strong as other members of the cannabis family on the market, so only a few side effects have recorded. Users of this strain rarely experience paranoia or anxiety thoughts, narrowing the side effects to the usual which are dry eyes and dry mouth. It is noteworthy to state that each user’s experience will vary.


941 reviews for Cannatonic CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp Bud CBD Flower

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