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Cannatonic CBD Flower

Cannatonic is an excellent cross-breed strain reproduced by Spanish seed bank Tar Seeds explicitly for its low THC substance and high CBD content.

Short, sweet, and forthright, the Cannatonic CBD hemp bloom strain has increased critical fame among clients looking for a sharp jolt of energy. The cultivar is an Indica-prevailing cross-breed that produces suppressant impacts that guide in rest and unwinding.

While its flavour isn’t precisely as unforgettable or alluring as that of different strains, the Cannatonic cultivar compensates for it with the unmistakable impacts that settle on it, an excellent decision for most purchasers.

Cannatonic comes from the mix of an Indica-prevailing hybrid and an undeniable Indica strain. Cannatonic does its name equity by giving clients hard-hitting concealment that quiets the brain, the faculties, and the body for a complete tranquil encounter.

History/origin of Cannatonic CBD Flower

Cannatonic is gotten or developed by cross-breeding between a male G13 haze and a female MK Ultra. The outcome is a tremendous Indica-predominant strain that hits hard, regardless of just going on for a short time.

The G13 Haze parent strain is an Indica-predominant half, and half that reared for most incredible power. At the same time, the MK Ultra is an honour winning full Indica strain that has a reputation for its thoughtful impacts that help the head and straightforwardness away of pressure.


Cannatonic CBD hemp strain produces a natural smell, with traces of wood and citrus blended in.


The taste is natural and woody, with minor citrus noticed that stimulate the taste buds.

It’s not relatively as satisfying if you wished for a unique taste experience. But that’s not actually what Cannatonic acknowledges to bring to the table anyway.

Anyway, this quick acting strain with fleeting impacts settles on the ideal decision for those minutes when you don’t have a ton of extra time.

However, it’s flavour won’t gobble up a great deal of your consideration and time either giving you a specific CBD hemp strain that takes care of business.


When managed, Cannatonic CBD hemp flower is firm and thick, while tacky, and will be shining with trichomes.


Effects Cannatonic CBD Flower strain

On the off chance that there’s one thing about the Cannatonic strain that most clients love, it’s the cultivar’s quick-acting impacts.

After the main take, the substance will take only minutes to immerse the body in its intense impacts definitive to Indica strains. As the CBD flows through your framework, your head gets lighter, and your thoughts begin to slow down. A mental mess gathers up, preparing for lucidity and genuine feelings of serenity for rest and unwinding.

The body impacts of the Cannatonic strain are similarly powerful. As the name proposes, this cultivar is capable of placing the body in a condition of relentlessness, by slowing down the movement, which is achieved by motivating or facilitating an increase in the respiratory rate.

For some rare cases, the Cannaotonic may be stable to such an extent that it places the individual in a lounge chair lock condition for the whole time or period.

Despite being immaculately solid, the impacts of the Cannatonic cultivar doesn’t last for long. The effect of the strain is unfathomably fleeting, maximizing an hour after use. So if you were seeking after a speedy scene of rest in the middle of a hectic day, Cannatonic can bring you down to a condition of quiet for the perfect time allotment.

Here is a list of the effects of using Cannaotonic.


  • Uplifted
  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Happy


Cannatonic is a great hybrid strain reared by Spanish seed bank Pitch Seeds explicitly for its low THC substance and high CBD content.

It delivers a generally brief, smooth high that is additionally inspiring and capably unwinding because of the high CBD content.


This is one of the most rapid flowers in the collection. With the onset effects happening in just a few seconds, the body buzz quickly fades away in minutes. This flower is prized in the community as being the best up-lifting buds. It’s not the #1 pick when it comes to aromas and smells, but this weed definitely packs a quick punch when you need it. This strain came from the MK Ultra and G13 genetics. CBD Content comes in well above 20% with THC content under .2%!

544 reviews for Cannatonic CBD Hemp Flower Buds Outdoor Hemp CBD Flower Nugs

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