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This 80% Indica dominant strain is a medical powerhouse.  Cross from kush and Bubble Gum. The bud has a strong sour taste and smell accompanied by an overwhelming head rush that slowly settles to the rest of the body. Definitely use this one towards the end of the day or better, wait till before bed. This one can really bring in the sheep.

Bubble Gum CBD Flower


Bubblegum is an old school hemp bud that has left its mark since its conception in 1993. Bubblegum is an Indica-dominant hybrid that boasts a balanced and smooth high that uplifts calm energy. Bubblegum has a long list of awards that can act as a testament to its wonders.

Bubblegum earned the hybrid name. Bubblegum is true to its name in the flavor and aroma section. It will make you want to try it, and when you have tried it, you suddenly want more of it. This hemp flower has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC with a CBD range of 11-24%.



Bubblegum was first gotten from Indiana Bubblegum, but its subsequent makeup remains unknown. Clone hemp flowers found a way into the hands of TH Seeds. This group of breeders that stay in Amsterdam has since decided to cultivate it into the balanced hemp bud that it is today.

They have attached the folk-lore behind its name to its tasty, bubblegum flavor. It is said that the real breeders used to stick nugs under bar tables as one would with a piece of gum, as a tip to their bartender.

What began in Indiana around the 1970s was completed in the early 90s when Bubblegum was released in the market. The rest, as they say, is history. Famous for its rugged euphoric high, it has kept its relevance over the years because of its calming effect in these incredibly hectic times.



Bubblegum is a relatively straight plant to grow. Skilled breeders can successfully cultivate it outdoors or indoors. A factor to consider, especially for novice growers who prefer an outdoor arrangement, is the plant’s sensitivity to molds. An outdoor structure needs a dry and sunlit environment for the plant to mature perfectly. This system allows for a mid to late October harvest with a 14-ounce yield per plant.

Its short size makes it perfect to be grown indoors. It mostly succeeds in an indoor setup when making use of the Sea of Green method. Because of its sensitivity to rot and molds, started charcoal can provide a dry environment inside. This flowering arrangement time takes 8 to 9 weeks and a harvest of 16 ounces per plant.



Bubblegum has a CBD range of 11-24% with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Bubblegum is a bit softer than some of our other flowers. It gives a nice all over the relaxing body effect, leaving you feeling light and lovely. So Bubblegum makes an ideal choice for when you’re out and about or in social situations.


Aroma, Visual, and Taste

With a name like Bubblegum, you would expect it to taste and smell like its moniker. It doesn’t disappoint. It is remindful of the classic bubblegum taste most of us loved as kids. The aroma is mouth-watering sweet, like candy with earthy and floral notes.

Its creamy smoke tastes sweet, matching the equally enticing scent. Bubblegum is a joy to the gustatory senses. It is a beautifully made mix that tastes like sweet berry candy and the characteristic gum flavor. It leaves behind a welcome aftertaste of tropical fruits, which adds to the hemp bud’s fandom. Bubblegum’s flavor and aroma will remind you of your childhood and give you chill vibes all over.


Bubblegum gives a full euphoric high that relaxes both the body and mind, undeniably its Indica nature at work. The Sativa side comes out when clarity kicks in and creative juices start flowing. Many enjoy this hemp bud because of its level profile. It ushers in a free state of mind.

The Sativa present in the hemp bud is not over-powering. It allowed for a focused mind and inspired high. For creatives, this can get the brain’s creative process moving. Users say that it can soothe the body and clear the mind. While there is a possible couch-lock, Bubblegum will not make you tired, depending on the amount you take. On that note, the relaxation feels like a soft muscle massage to the body.



Bubblegum can make you hungry, which helps those who lost their appetite. It makes you relax on the sofa and enjoy your favorite pizza while feeling calm and happy. The hemp bud’s ability to relax and uplift makes it a great night time hemp option.

Bubblegum is a beautiful hemp bud. Its awards naturally speak for themselves; this is a great example of a balanced hybrid. It has good taste, especially if you love a sweet-tasting smoke.


885 reviews for BubbleGum CBD Hemp Flower Buds Outdoor Hemp CBD Flower Nugs

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