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Don’t we all just love us some Bruce Banner, the Incredible hulk, who consistently maintains a calm demeanor until he loses it and comes at his aggravators with untold rage, unleashing fury that the earth has not known. For a minute, it felt like we were overviewing a character from one the marvel franchise but no, we are talking about the Bruce Banner strain which happens to be big and green like our green friend, the Hulk.  This strain is very potent and quite strong in terms of its effects and what it can do to its users, trust us, hulk don’t play. The strain contains a significant CBD level alongside other key active constituents which makes this strain one of the best in the market. Like the alter ego character, this green monster can mask its strength under the guise of its sweet and delicate aroma and flavor but if the Incredible Hulk had some of Bruce Banner, maybe he won’t get so touchy or irritable at the slightest provocation, heck he is constantly angry.

This strain as stated earlier is potent in what it does, and unbeknown to some, it has s similar aroma to that of candy and berries, leaving you craving for some Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner is well known for its abilities, making adrenaline pump and fiercely allow a huge blood rush course through your veins. Like our green friend, this strain does the complete opposite, taking users from a state of excitement to a gradual slow down that turns in to a full-on relaxation and euphoric experience, some say at this point it makes the entire body flutter.

It remains a sativa-based crop, which is indicative of its strength and influence over the human mind, providing a calming and relieving experience for the body after been consumed. This is no way a strain to under estimate but as the name suggest get ready for some massive green substance that brings memories of the comic character but yet surprises you with its sweet candy like flavor and also its effectiveness.  As reported by some sources, “it is proud production of the brilliant minds over at Delta9 Labs, one thing that this bud and the Hulk most certainly have in common, is their bright and vibrant shade of green and the fact that they are both loved by all who lay their eyes on them”.

In botanical terms, this train is classified as a hybrid strain, with the sativa component slightly dominating 60% of its ratio and the indica accounting for the remaining 40%. This strain is a weed that’s mentally stimulating, leading you through a stepwise journey from quick and strong rush of adrenaline to slowly becoming physically relaxing. This I must say is a wonderful combination for users seeking to stay sharp, mindful, mentally alert and focused, all while every any physical body pains and stresses dissipates gradually. It is reported that the strain’s effect is mostly evident in the head and it lingers for quite some time, make it so appropriate for daytime users.

The strain was created from the cross breeding of its famous parent generation who are all rock stars in the cannabis community. The OG Kush hybrid and Strawberry Diesel hybrid, two famous strains blended together in perfect harmony to create a love-child. For the cannabis initiated, you will agree that this combo is rather tasty one and its resulting child will be equally enjoyable for the body. Reports have indicated that the strain in focus has been studied to have three prominent phenotypes, with strong levels of different active ingredients such as CBD and THC.

OG Kush and Diesel Hybrid must be proud parents to know that their affairs which has been highly publicized has produced another famous name in the industry, the not only acquired their genes but also suited for the spotlight. This sativa-based strain is probably one of the strongest that can be reviewed. It is important to state that any of the three phenotypes identified packs a punch and depending on which ever one its users subscribe to, they can be sure of its potency to do the job it was assigned to, while not forgetting to present a mind-blowing experience.

All three of these phenotypic strains make amazing edibles, shatter, concentrates, live resin, and hash, owing to the fact that the methods of extraction utilized only pronounces the existential hefty presence of the strains components, making this particular strain an insanely powerful treat for those who are needing an immense dose of medicine, or have developed a high tolerance to your average cannabis reefer. Bruce Banner cannabis, the good green stuff packs a whole lot and it’s definitely one weed within the community that consumers have placed amongst the greats and will not be forgetting so soon.

Bruce Banner Strain: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

The genetic makeup of Bruce Banner strain is an intriguing one, with the aroma of this cannabis strain equally serving as one for study for users, scientist and enthusiast.  Interestingly, the pungent scent is produces fills up every space it comes in contact with, giving a promise of fun and excitement as soon as the vessel fits is housed in such as jar or zipped bags are opened. Combing in the genes of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, Bruce Banner gives a strong diesel vibe which according to users and reports is sweet, with an undertone of floral and fruity forces.

With this strain every user will be getting best of flavor and aroma, which is described as a sweet barrage of pleasure. According to reports and user reviews, the flavor never falters as it is termed to be more pleasant than the aroma, this we know, is as a result of the incredible tastes reminiscent of sugary, naturally-flavored candy, with earthy and fruity hints which reports says are hearty and juicy like fresh-picked strawberries on a hot Summer’s day. It is a given that the bis Bruce Banner strain is a total facsimile of fruity goodness that engulfs it users and leaves one desiring for more

In addition, the strain gives small hints of floral notes which from observers is detected when it hits the taste buds. The strain  is utterly special for weed experts and tasters giving that real tasting experience, other than simply just the quality of the smoke.


The physiology of this plant which happens to be an indoor and outdoor plant is one of vibrance, with it instantly giving you a sense of correlation with the comic book character in terms of its color and size. The hulk would be jealous and thrown into a rage if was revealed that we love us some green monster which happens not to be him. The whole frame, displays an array of bright and powerful green shades, this strain shows offs as healthy and alive, and with brassy orange pistils curling and twisting amongst the so every present trichome and resins filled sugary leaves.

The leaves which are usually protruding as also very prominent and can be seen to extend far out with an even darker and fuller green color, making this strain, one cannabis of many colors, which every joseph within the user or expert community will be proud of.

Cultivating Cannabis

Bruce Banner weed as observed in terms of its physiology and growth, can be said to be borrowing a leaf from its parent generation, the OG Kush, it towers tall amongst its contemporaries, extending its apex to great length and spreading in it’s base to cover loads of space. This evidently indicates that an adequate amount of space is necessary, especially when choosing to cultivate indoors.

With it sharing similar profiles with OG Kush, its also evident that the genetic materials from this parent is more pronounced that Diesel Hybrid, which shows according to its level of influence in the physical appearance of Bruce Banner, is level recessive in nature. Following the earlier statement on the amount of space this plant needs for its water leaves to extend fully, it in indicative of sativa-based properties of cannabis strains. The water leaves proliferate and extends far out and upwards, with its meristem growing into a thick stalk, providing a sturdy support for varieties that often result in heavy yields. It is also important to note that this plant can become oversized with fat and densely packed colas. Asides the joy this strain gives its cultivators, one must also bear in mind that atmospheric conditions are also essential for good growth when cultivating the Bruce Banner strain, in essence, an ideal environment with the right conditions should reward growers with a sizable yield that certainly won’t disappoint.

It is a strain designed for both indoor and outdoor growth, the only caveat is that, there is need for essential suitable climatic conditions, a warm yet dry climate will suffice for the effective growth of the green monster which is sure to result in an increased yield. To this end, we can categorical state that coastal areas such as California or states sharing similar climate profiles will be well suited for the cultivation of this fruity lady. The weather within this regions can also serve as a springboard for growth in when considering using a controlled environment or as we call it through this write up, indoor cultivation.

Part of the aspects of growing Bruce Banner strain is the difficulty of nurturing this crop to maturity and ultimately to producing substantial yield. It is also important to put in place control measures for the sustainable growth of this commodity. While still considering achieving the right atmospheric conditions for effective growth, it may interest readers to also know that, this strain is resistant to everyday mold, powdery mildew, bugs, pest, diseases and more which inspires the idea that, growing this plant is one of low maintenance provided growers follow struct protocols.

Bruce Banner is known to flower between the period 9-10 weeks, with all its goodness readily available for harvest and consumption right after the 9th week. Note to those who are seeking a more relaxation-heavy and indica-like effect, just past the 9 weeks is the full moon period to harvest and use. As with other cannabis strains, it is typical for outdoor harvest to fall around the early periods of October, with outside crops providing an immensely generous yield of about 35 ounces per plant.

Although it is also important to state that adopting the indoor approach will yield significantly less bud, with around 21 ounces per square meter, which if considered in terms of resources utilized in achieving this result is not so bad. This crop is a beauty when you know your pot and understand how to mature the plant for harvesting, in essence, as long as you are an experienced player in this field, Bruce Banner is definitely worth considering.

Effects of Brice Banner Strain

It goes without doubt that this strain lives up to the expectation of its creators and users when it comes to the effects it can have which has been said to come as a sudden rush, quickly taking up all your senses and gradually easing up into a sense of euphoric and creative buzz. That this strain is so potent in its effect, cannot be over emphasized but we will leave that to you to decide once you are done consuming our information on what we like to call the big green. Technically the strain is a cannabis hybrid, and like all other sativa dominant strains, it has significant effects on the body and mind and would be hard to differentiate as both propensity of sativa and indica properties come play at different moments or stages after consumption.

There is no gain saying it, the overwhelming presence of the sativa part of this strain is evident when we study its effect on the mental state. The speed in which the strain affects the shift in mental state is as a result of the hefty presence of the sativa and while we speak about the mental aspect, it is also understood that body merely aligns to the effect with a tasty indica showing up to the party. A informed by some sources mentally, one can expect to feel giggly, energetic, lively and full of vitality.


One of the known properties of Bruce Banner weed is it’s ability to stimulate your brain to create, with deep grandiose thoughts as users begin to experience a sense of happiness and good vibes while seamlessly being uplifted in their mood. Following this, the body begins to become euphoric and heavy, and eventually a relaxing feeling surges in as one literally feels all stresses are melted away. Consequently, this is replaced by a calm and peaceful buzz that is pillared by alertness and focus.

This strain is useful for all types of users and it is one to be enjoyed whether you are an expert user or novice. It also holds its some medical benefits which will be discussed later on.

Economic Benefits of Bruce Banner

This strain causes a numbing body numbing effect, converting all the built-up physical stress and discomfort into a buzzing and relaxed state, bringing relief to the consumer during times of high.

As we always state, the dosage or deses administered determines the level at which this great pain and stress dissipator works. Larger doses or intake is advised for individuals seeking to use the green monster as a source of treatment for pain and stress.

Considering the high level of CBD, Bruce Banner can be used in different ways to address health matters. When made into candies, hash, edibles, bubble hash, concentrates, live resin, and extracts, all methods of consumption are sure to give you the desired effect of the CBD and THC.

For cultivators, this crop can also serve as a significant benefit bearing in mind the level of maintenance, expertise, space required and amount of yield when properly cultivated. Also, it can be deduced that significant yield will result to a larger profit margin. The strain can be found in different recognized vendors, making it readily available only as regular seeds. Feminized seeds can also be gotten but it tends to be a scare commodity at times. In addition, prices ranges, so it might go for as much as USD 113.22 for 10 regular seeds.

Side Effects

Following the strain’s level of potency, surprisingly, it has been recorded that this cannabis strain has very few negative side effects which include paranoia and anxiety. No other symptoms to this effects are reported but it was discovered among users that the Bruce Banner flower or flower-made products, causes is cottonmouth (dry mouth), dehydration

and dry/itchy eyes. These adverse effects like many other cannabis strains are perfectly normal when consumed regardless of the circumstance.

Consuming the strain is perfectly fine, so there are no need for hysterics as effects such as cottonmouth (dry mouth) and dehydration are very solvable issues provided, users are prepared ahead of time. One is required to drink loads of water or any other hydrating fluids before, during and after your high. It will also help if a bottle of water is kept close while you’re stoned.

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