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Boax has some pretty incredible cannabinoid profile with a total of 21.5% total content. The THC is just below .15%. This flower also brings with it a super high CBG content of nearly .9%! Accompanied with a CBC value of almost .776%. Reach for this bud if you’re looking for a CBD that has a super high CBC and CBG content.

Boax CBD hemp Flower

The Boax Hemp flower is a broad range CBD bred with one of the most delicate features out there. The Boax, however, is a regulated and well-controlled hemp strain that is very suitable for all users, meeting their various standards and needs. The great hemp strain boasts a versatile range of terpene that provides a well-rounded impact and a crystallized wax that allows its users to create their extracts and oils at home.

It is an outstanding hybrid that sits right in the middle of the Sativa and Indica when it comes to its effects. It is fast-acting, mostly resulting in a delightful mixture of influences that makes it a genuinely exceptional experience, even for most pungent CBD users.

There is a trace of sandalwood’s potent scent (a mutual feature found in both Boax’s parent hemp strains).

The Boax CBD hemp Flower is, however, a high CBD strain produced from the crossing between the Otto II and the Hindu Kush. This crossing between two potent parent strains leads to a significant but yet a moderate and regulated strain beyond the preferences and needs of a broad array of users worldwide.

The boax CBD hemp flower practically beats all other hemp strains to possess gentle amplitude and restorative powers. It is refreshing and stimulating. When burnt and inhaled, it tends to lift you with its fierce aromatics and mouthwatering flavor.

The Boax CBD hemp flower is 100% natural with no toxic chemicals or Genetically modified organisms (GMO). Its main effect is the relaxation that can help you alleviate several cognitive and physical nuances. Boax provides you with an increase in the state of calmness and well-being and an increased level of attention. This allows you to be more focused without being diverted.


History and origin of Boax CBD hemp Flower

The Boax CBD hemp flower is produced from the crossing between the famous Indica hemp strain, the Hindu Kush, and the fantastic Hybrid, Otto II.

The Hindu Kush is named after a 500-mile span of a mountain range found between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It expresses an earth-like, thick, and sandalwood flavor that helps calm the body and relaxes the senses.

On the other hand, the Otto II (also called One to One) is a famous strain known for its CBD to THC ratio of 1:1. It functions to envelop both the body and mind to achieve a restful relaxation and elevated mood.



Features of Boax CBD hemp Flower


Even though the Boax buds can look small in size, this lovely flower comes with a full-bodied appearance. The spicy, sweet, and earth-like taste of these massive teats is genuinely incredible.

Taste and aroma

On taking in the Boax strain, one should expect to receive an earth-like flavor with spicy and sweet hints.

On the other hand, the aroma is juicy and sweet, with dominant notes of baked and spice goods.

Terpene profile

The primary terpenes found in the Boax CBD hemp flower are the b-Myrcene, a-Pinene, the rare trans-b-ocimene, and the Farnesene.

All terpene act hand-in-hand to provide the strain with its unique qualities.

The Boax CBD hemp strain is an excellent choice for those looking for the utmost relaxation. However, depending on the particular Boax phenotype you bought, you will likely encounter an increase in energy, creativity and mood, sleepiness, slight euphoria, and hunger. All this, however, depends on the parent strain that was dominant during the breading of the cultivar.


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