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Banana OG strain

Banana OG is a potent strain with a tendency to “creep” upon its users. Those that enjoy a smooth, gentle climb will love this strain. However, once users are at the peak of their “high”, they often have an uplifting and happy experience, followed by a state of complete relaxation.

It starts with a gentle buzz on the body and the back of your head. As the rumour spreads to your head and the rest of the body, you find yourself relaxed. For most people who are unfamiliar with this strain, there is an urge to consume a bit more. BUT hold on and wait. We did say it takes its sweet time, and besides, it’s not done yet.

The gentle buzz soon gives way to a feeling of happiness and total body relaxation.

Underneath these mind-blowing effects is a subtle and complicated flavour profile that is often the primary reason many people seek out Banana OG.

After a test conducted on users of banana OG Strain, the result showed that most users reported feeling “Relaxed”, some felt “joyous”, others feeling “happy”, and “sleepy”, and the few others reported feeling uplifted. These show that the hemp flower covers a wide range of feeling.

This is a beautiful hemp flower. Tastes excellent as it comes with hints of banana. It also Produces a thick vaposur. The best point worth noting about this hemp flower is that it’s very relaxing without any sedative effects!

Origin of Banana OG strain

The Banana OG is a hybrid strain that was first developed in the United States. It possesses a range of CBD content which is 11 to 22% and a THC content of less than 0.3%. Although there are a few variants and breeders, the most popular one is a cross between Banana Kush and OG Kush. This is an Indica-predominant hemp flower (70%) hybrid.

Features of Banana OG strain


It has a typically pale green appearance, with tight and dense CBD bud development that is pretty typical for Indica varieties.

There are some attractive, orange-tinged pistils along the exterior of the hemp bud, which provide a slightly furry appearance, but besides that small quality, this strain looks like every other type of hemp flower in the world


As might be expected from a strain called Banana OG, the principle aroma that you will notice is one of the fresh bananas. This fruity, tropical smell is undercut by a gentle citrus quality that is similar to citronella once you get started with it.



Banana OG Strain has an excellent content quality that allows for remarkably enhanced audio/visual entertainment. With is also an ideal strain for movie watching, artistic activities, outdoor activities, among others. With your headset and the incredible Banana OG strain, you good to go.



1570 reviews for Banana OG CBD Hemp Flower Buds Indoor Hemp Bud CBD Flower

  1. Anonymous

    They smoke and they smoke good. $10 to get all of your bud organized is a bargain. After buying this over a year ago, I can say all of my buds are still hjointily organized and tucked together thanks to these bud ties.

  2. Anonymous

    I use these for managing buds inside of my cbd and managing buds behind my desk. They also smoke well for sto buds/ s that are no longer in use. Overall, I’m impressed for the price!

  3. Anonymous

    Item as described.

  4. Anonymous

    Yay velcro!

  5. Anonymous

    I use these all the time for wrjointing up my buds and keeping them neat and tidy. I wish they came in more colors for the same price (there is a rainbow pack you can get but it’s like 10x more expensive). Also I wish there were thinner ones. These can get a bit bulky

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