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Amnesia Haze CBD Flower


The Amnesia Haze is among the most noticeable hemp buds on the market. It won awards. Amnesia Haze is a Sativa dominant hemp bud known for packing a punch.

From a complex parentage history, the Amnesia Haze hemp bud brags one of a kind breeding skills. As far as hemp buds go, Amnesia Haze is among the top shelf.

This Sativa-dominant bud comes in different types. The most common is a mix of various hemp buds, namely, Haze, Jamaican, Afghani, Hawaiian, and other South Asian phenotypes. Another typical blend features Super Silver Haze and a Cambodian Sativa.


Legendary scientists produce the Amnesia Haze hemp bud at a company located in the Netherlands, the Soma Seeds. The parent of the hemp bud is a bit uncertain. Still, based on the CBD (cannabinoid) profile of the Amnesia Haze, it has connections from many parent plants, including a Jamaican Sativa, Cambodian Sativa, Hawaiian, Thai Sativa, Afghani Indica, South Asian Indica, and a Haze Sativa.

With its primary parent hemp buds, the Amnesia Haze brags a clear and pure mind buzz with little to no side effects, unlike other Sativa hemp buds. With most of the parent hemp buds of Amnesia Haze being a Sativa dominant hemp bud. It is not surprising that all these crossbreeding results are a Sativa dominant hemp bud with an 80: Sativa to Indica ratio. But, with the little Indica chipped in, the Amnesia Haze can provide a well-rounded feeling and help keep everyday symptoms to Sativas like tension at bay.

Furthermore, the Amnesia Haze has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC with a CBD range of 11-22%.



Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene



  • Sativa hemp bud
  • Difficulty – Moderate
  • Yield (Indoor) – 21 oz per square meter
  • Yield (Outdoor) – 25 oz per plant
  • Flowering Time – 10-12 weeks
  • Plant Height – 30-78 inches


The Amnesia Haze is not the simplest hemp bud to cultivate. However, skilled farmers can grow hemp buds without much problem.

While the Amnesia Haze blooms best in a balmy and sunny climate, it is quite sensitive to pests and molds. Experts advise that the hemp bud should be grown in an indoor environment, making it easy to control their growing setting. And although it can be challenging to recreate a climate that the Amnesia Haze love indoors, it can gift you with an abundant yield when it’s successful.


Aroma and Taste

One of the features of the Amnesia Haze is its scent, distinct sharp earth. It has a strong smell that fills the entire room and stays for some time. However, once the skunk settles, the bud’s aroma usually settles into a lemon, pine, and citrus blend.

The flavor of the Amnesia Haze hemp bud is a bit spicy and earthy. However, it has a sweet flavor trace that woos the taste buds. The smoke of the Amnesia Haze hemp bud is also smooth and buttery, which will easily travel into the lungs, given that you are using a quality purchase of the hemp bud.


Appearance-wise, the Amnesia Haze boasts a classic structure. It has a standard layout of coloring familiar to most hemp buds with flat and packed sugar leaves with pale green color and orange hairy pistils curling and mixing throughout the buds.



Amnesia Haze is a powerhouse. This hemp bud help users unwind from occasional stress. The hemp bud also has impressive benefits when it comes to improving the mood with its uplifting effects.

The Amnesia Haze benefits give off that “high” or buzzy feeling. It relaxes your muscles and clears your mind keeping you in a happy state. Users describe its high as uplifting and vibrant, an excellent hemp bud for a wake-and-bake or use in the afternoon. It lifts the spirits, causing the consumer to feel happy.

Amnesia Haze is a highly productive hemp bud when taken in the right dose. When you are going to be out all day or need extra mental energy, this hemp bud can help.



Many smokers love the Amnesia Haze because of the overall pleasant effect it gives to all kinds of smokers. The hemp bud’s scent and taste make sure that smoking is as comfortable, fitting, and enjoyable for them. Not to mention, the hemp bud has a potent mind high that can make you happy and energetic.

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    Does not adjust with volume

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    As description, Like New.Come with like new box, like new packing, everything like new! I dooooo love it.Shipping speed is super fast!! Efficiency!! Good seller!

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    I like the fact that this bud bar was thin and small in length however the quality of bud is not good at all and the flower is a headache you have to continuously have to press the smoke a to get to smoke. So thumbs down on this nugs very poor quality

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