All About CBD Flower

CBD flower is the name most CBD fanatics are calling their CBD-rich hemp buds. These little flowers are derived from the hemp plant. They’re pretty similar to their THC rich brother, marijuana. However, CBD flowers have only traces of THC in them. So after smoking or ingesting, the feelings won’t leave you cloudy or intoxicated. All of this while containing a large amount of CBD, and other cannabinoids. Depending on the exact strain, the cannabinoid profile can range all the way up to around 25%! All of this while maintaining a super low THC content of less than .3%. Depending on which type of strain CBD flower that you order online will depend on the cannabinoid profile of that specific bud. Depending on the way that they came up with the CBD rich flower, they usually give them all kinds of different names. Growers cross bread hemp strains until they come up with amazing CBD flower genetics in order to produce higher-cbd content or lower THC content. Depending on your uses for the bud, you can pick up a CBD flower specifically for your needs.  Just a few years ago the United State signed a farm bill, making these little CBD flowers totally legal and available to the public. CBD flowers became legal from the hemp bill! These little flowers became tremendously popular in the last few years. Since the arrival of the farm bill, these little super-star buds have been used for just about every single illness under the sun.

CBD flower characteristics

Does CBD Flower Smell Like regular weed?

Absolutely! Hemp is very similar to the cannabis plant. So the buds that are pulled from the hemp plant are almost identical in smell to the regular cannabis smell. On the other hand, CBD flowers smell can dramatically change depending on the different types of strains. A skunk cbd flower can produce an incredibly pungent odor that smells like well, pretty skunky! These dark dank odors are highly recognizable to most, in public environments. Sometimes even a penny size nug of some strong skunk can literally stink up an entire convenient store. While a strawberry cough cbd flower strain can smell almost fruity! These incredible buds have some of the most appealing scents to most newcomers. Most strains have a rather pleasant smell to most people. The widely ranging smells are something that is quite incredible with flowers. If you’re not too familiar with all of the amazing smells of hemp, you should pick up a sampler pack. These are little bags of hemp that contain multiple varieties of hemp. You can really see the true differences in smell! 

CBD Flower Appearance

CBD flowers much like cannabis can come in many different colors and appearances. Their colors can vary quite incredibly depending on the strains and quality. Some CBD flowers can be purple. While on the other hand, most are green with different shades of other colors running through the buds. CBD flower trichomes are another addition to the incredibly amazing CBD flower. These beautiful little crystals are usually layered all over a high-quality hemp flower. The trichomes are the area of the bud that contains all of the cannabinoids. So if you happen to see a bunch of glistening on your nugs, you definitely got yourself some good bud. 

Bioavailability of CBD flowers

Vaporizing CBD flower Bioavailabilty

The vaporizing of CBD flower is one of the most bioavailable methods of getting CBD absorbed by your body. A study was done to find out how much CBD was absorbed through vaporizing cbd flowers, and the results were incredible! Up to 56% of all CBD was absorbed through vaporization.

Ingesting CBD flowers Bioavailability

One of the least efficient ways of dosing CBD would be through ingestion. The rate of absorption for eating CBD in flowers is as low as 6%. There have been a few studies on oral ingestion and they have all produced similar findings. Here is another CBD flower ingestion study that brought back a 4-20% ingestion rate depending on which type of CBD product was used. If someone was looking to cut costs on daily doses of CBD, turning to ingestion might not be the most effective route to take.

Are CBD flowers better than oil?

With the finding above on those studies, the results are pretty clear. Your decision on which product to aim for would definitely be in regard to personal preference. Based on an efficiency outlook, your best bet is smoking CBD flowers. However, for some people, smoking or vaporizing isn’t their thing. If you’re not into smoking, then reach for a bottle of oil.

CBD Flower Benefits

CBD and the smoking of CBD flowers has a pretty extensive list of benefits. CBD products are being used for quite an incredible list of illnesses. Here’s a compiled list of the most incredible uses that are widely accepted.

CBD Flower for Relaxation

Cbd flowers are generally smoked in a recreational manner in order to stimulate a feeling of calmness. Most users report feelings that are similar to a slight head or body buzz while keeping you clear-headed. This feeling is great after a long day of work. This is quite different from normal marijuana effects. If you are prone to marijuana’s heavy-hitting – anxiety-causing effects, CBD flowers might be a good choice for you. The normal intoxicating effects aren’t seen with CBD. Most users love to grab a few sticky buds and kick back after work with some grade-A flowers.

H2 Will CBD flowers give me the munchies or make me hungry?

CBD flowers do not cause munchies. The reason for marijuana normally causing the munchies is from the effect cannabis has on ghrelin levels in the body. Smoking marijuana could upregulate the ghrelin causing your hunger and appetite to go through the roof. CBD flowers do not cause this problem in adults. There are however a lot of adverse side effects that are possible, the FDA warns of CBD flowers causing decreases in appetite

H2– Is CBD flower the same thing as hemp flower?

In most regards, CBD flowers are exactly the same thing as hemp. However, there are some sorts of hemp flowers that I wouldn’t call CBD flower, because of a different cannabinoid profile. An example of a hemp flower that wouldn’t be called a CBD flower, would be a CBG flower. This type of hemp flower usually has low CBD content. There are also types of hemp that have tiny amount of all cannabinoids. Feral cannabis wouldn’t be called CBD flowers, they are more commonly known as ditch weed or a couple of other fancy nicknames. These little guys are pretty low in all CBD content and other cannabinoids. They may grow flowers, but those typically aren’t the flowers that you’re looking for.

H2- THC Content in CBD Flowers

A large percentage of the CBD flowers in the USA have a tiny amount of THC. The reason for this is from the hemp act. Here in the United States, there are a few regulations that hemp farmers have to abide by when they are growing CBD rich hemp flowers. The #1 regulation around the growing of hemp is making sure that the cbd flowers are below .3% THC. Now, onto the other side of the story. There are cases in which farmers are not playing by the rules. Some farmers have been known to grow high THC CBD flower strains. So whenever shopping for CBD products, it’s best that you seek a company that provides testing available to you from 3rd party. This will increase your chances of receiving a low THC high cbd flower strain.

h2- How are CBD flowers different than marijuana buds?

CBD flowers aren’t that different than marijuana buds judging by the looks, appearance, and smell. A side by side comparison between the two buds would definitely be hard to tell the difference if not impossible. A professional may be able to tell the difference. For the most part, both flowers are incredibly similar. Currently, police are having difficulty telling the difference between cbd flowers and marijuana flowers

h2-Effects of CBD flower

CBD flowers are commonly known to produce a wide variety of states & overall effects on the body and mind. The most common feeling & effect of cbd flower is a sense of calmness. The buds are known to produce a state of relaxation in a large percentage of users. The effect is commonly referred to as a total state of well-being with a relaxation of all inner thoughts. The most common effects seem to be a sense of relaxation, which is much different than the normal effects of cannabis flowers. The reason for this is the lack of THC, so the effects of the CBD flowers tend to be rather relaxing instead of producing a sense of euphoria. 

 CBD Flower for Energy

A quick google search for CBD on energy will result in a large number of people claiming CBD flower helps increase energy. There have been also a few scientific studies on the possibilities of CBD flower increasing wakefulness. The current finding on CBD flowers and energy tend to be incredibly promising all around. If you would like to try CBD in order to increase your energy, your best bet would include finding a reputable company in order to sample some of their energy-based strains.

H2-CBD flowers growing trend & popularity

During the last decade, CBD flowers and CBD products have skyrocketed in popularity. There was also a hemp farming act in 2018 that made it legal to grow cbd flower hemp in the United States. This act made it clear on a federal level that CBD flowers were completely legal to grow as long as the THC content was under .3%. A few other studies have also aided in cbd flower trending increase amongst millennials. Here is an article from CBDtesters that goes over the growing trend in cbd flowers with millennials

CBD flower uses

How to smoke CBD flowers?

Depending on user preference our CBD flowers are best smoked or vaporized. If you are more cautious about your health, vaporizing is the better choice. As with smoking anything, especially if you are a novice, please use caution. Start with one small drag from a joint, vaporizer, or pipe / bong. When we say small drag, we are referring to a small puff from the end of a smoking apparatus. This does not mean to fill your lungs with smoke. Only puff a half of a mouth full of smoke into your mouth and then remove your mouth from the end of the vaporizer or joint. Then breath in halfway to fill your lungs with the smoke. Another caution to be aware for is that this can cause a repetitive coughing period. If you’re not a smoker, this could be pretty scary. So always start small when smoking anything. There are always risks when burning any sort of plant matter. Beginners should wait 30 minutes to see the effects of the flower before diving in with another inhale. The reason for this is that some people take a little bit longer to feel the effects of the flower. There are also creeper CBD flower strains. These strains take around 30 minutes before the effects start to happen. 

H3: How to roll a cbd flower joint

Most people want to smoke a joint of CBD flowers. A big heads up before rolling your first joint, don’t be too upset if it goes out every 5 seconds. Your first time rolling a joint from CBD isn’t going to smoke like a professional or store bought joint. Well, unless you’re a fast learner, it may be the case. What you’ll want to start with is a grinder, unless you like sticky fingers. You’ll also need some rolling papers, and 300mg of CBD flower or up to even 1000mg if you want a rather fat joint. If you want a fancy tip on your joint, you can rip off a little piece of the outer cardboard like material from your rolling papers. Next step, watch this video, it’s best explained visually!

h3-How to make a CBD flower into a tincture

Here’s an incredibly short and direct video on making a CBD flower tincture. This is an amazing low cost method to turn our CBD flowers into a natural-homemade CBD tincture. 

If you’re wondering how much mg/ml your tincture is, your can simply look at the current CBD % from our flowers. So if you used 2 grams of flower, it could contain 400mg of CBD if it was a 20% CBD content flower. If you made a 10ml tincture with the same flowers, you would end up with a solution of 400mg/10ml. 

Travelling with a CBD flower?

As of right now CBD flowers are definitely something to treat with caution. They smell and appear just like the illegal product marijuana. On a federal level the hemp bill was recently announced to make CBD flowers legal in the states. Some states have pretty tight regulations on all of CBD, so it’s best to use caution. Our advice when travelling with CBD is to just leave it at home, there’s no guarantee that your day won’t be ruined when travelling into an unknown area. Even when driving, it’s best to leave it at home as well whenever possible. Your CBD could be confused with something else and end up with many hours wasted while being questioned by police. That’s probably a situation you wouldn’t want. 

I’m an athlete or employee that takes drug tests, should I smoke CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are not on the WADA list. However, that doesn’t mean it’s ok to smoke CBD flowers. If you’re a world-class athlete, or even one that gets testing for THC. You should be extra cautious when using CBD flowers. The reason for this is that even though flowers are CBD rich, they still contain trace amounts of THC that are within the legal allowance. With that being said, if you smoke enough flowers, you could possibly test positive for THC. So, if you’re an employee of a regulated workplace or a world class athlete, it’s best to reach for a CBD oil that contains zero THC. One of our best recommendations for tested personnel, is to use a CBD isolate. As a good CBD isolate won’t have any THC whatsoever. 

Can a CBD flower cure me?

While searching on the internet, there are a ton of stories that claim to use CBD for everything. However, CBD flowers should never be used to treat any sort of disease or illness. If you’re sick or have an ailment, you should always consult a physician. Your family doctor can give you the best advice for treating your condition. 

Has the FDA made any statements about the CBD flower?

The FDA has released a statement regarding using CBD. The risks are still apparent, if you’re wondering what type of risk are possible when using CBD flowers. You should always look at the FDA’s website regarding CBD products. If there are any companies marketing CBD as a drug, supplement, or food additive, it’s completely illegal. Another word of caution is to always consult a professional when introducing anything new to your body. Even though CBD flowers are completely natural, there are some risks associated with using them.

Are there any possible risks with using a CBD flower or other products?

There are risks associated with the use of CBD flowers. The research on using CBD flowers is limited. A few of the risks that we would like you to know are that the FDA has concluded CBD could affect pregnancy from animal studies. The FDA also stated there could be risks to your liver when combined with other medication.

How should I store a CBD flower?

When it comes to storing CBD flowers, your flower can store pretty well in your house. There’s typically never a need for any special equipment. The best thing to use would be a mason jar or something similar, and place your flowers in the pantry. Or place them somewhere that they don’t have direct sunlight on them. Keeping them cool can also help them last a lot longer. If you can keep your flower out of temperatures between 77 degrees fahrenheit and 86 degrees fahrenheit. The reason for that is because mold and mildew can accumulate in this temperature range. Don’t store the CBD too hot though, dry bud is no fun. Storing the CBD flowers in the freezer can also cause problems, so a cool dark spot in the pantry tends to work great for the short term. 

What is the strongest CBD flower available?

Most of the CBD flower strains that we sell have an incredibly high percentage of CBD in the flower. Sometimes, a strain that contains the highest recorded CBD content in history can produce little CBD. What really matters when it comes to cannabinoid content is how that certain batch is. So when it comes to the strongest CBD available, it will depend on the product that is in stock. When searching for the strongest flower, always look for a CBD that just tested high in CBD. Another thing to keep in mind is that the strongest or highest CBD content may not be what you want. It’s best to pick a strain that has a flavor or smell that you’re going to love.

Do you have a cheap cbd flower available or wholesale flowers?

Absolutely, depending on what’s currently in stock, we have some of the cheapest prices on our wholesale CBD flowers. If you’re looking to supply your shop or stock up on flowers, contact us directly, we will give you an exact price. On the other hand, if you’re not looking to stock up and would like cheap CBD flowers, the best bet is to look into our untrimmed supply or bottom shelf grades. Drop us an email and let us know if you’re looking for some super cheap flowers, we can definitely accommodate. 

What is CBD flower shake?

This is another low cost option when it comes to buying cheap cbd flowers. If a bag of flowers is knocked around a lot, the buds break off and fall towards the bottom of the bag as tiney little nugs of CBD flower. Usually when fanatics are shopping for flowers, they want big beautiful buds. If you’re looking for the best deal on cheap CBD flowers, a bag of shake may be your go-to supply. It’s still the same flower, just not as pretty.

How do we grow our CBD flower?

We use a combination of both indoor and outdoor growing methods in order to come up with the best buds for the lowest costs available. For our exotic strains, we grow them indoors hydroponically. Our outdoor CBD flower is grown without any sort of pesticides maintaining a completely natural growing process.